PL Morgan Dollars for sale

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    Morgandude11 As long as it's Silver, I'm listening

    Morgan silver dollars proof like & DMPL, 18 Coins PCGS &NGC Certified High Grade, and extreme eye appeal. All are MS, either gem or choice. Part of a registry set that is being broken up, and considerably under market value. Will sell as a set only, for a discerning collector. Sold at a very attractive price! PM me if you have interest.

    The coins are as follows: 1878 NGC MS 63 PL, 1879s PCGS MS 64PL OGH, 1880s PCGS MS 64 PL OGH, 1881s PCGS MS 64 PL CAC OGH, 1881s PCGS MS 65 PL, 1883o PCGS MS 64PL OGH, 1884o PCGS MS 63 DMPL, 1885 PCGS MS 65PL, 1885o PCGS MS 64 PL, 1886 PCGS MS 63 PL, 1887 PCGS MS 64 DMPL, 1887 NGC MS 65 PL, 1896 NGC MS 62PL, 1898o PCGS MS 64PL, 1898o PCGS MS 64 PL OGH, 1904o PCGS MS 64+ PL CAC, 1904o PCGS MS 64 PL

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