Photographing Proof Coins & Toners

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by vam78, May 23, 2013.

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    Hey Everyone!

    I just wanted to touch base on the topic of photographing proof coins, cameo, deep cameo, etc. and also toners. I consider myself a decent numismatic photographer but I have to admit, I have always had problems imaging proofs and toners. I was just wondering if our community here on CT could shed some light on this topic and share some tips? Such as lighting types, angles, axial lighting, distance from the coin and how to avoid those awful reflections on Deep Cameo contrast coins. Any tips or suggestions would help alot.

    Thanks in advance.


    01-293 001.jpg 01-293 002.jpg

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    You can search the words proof photography here at CT. There are several threads where the experts discuss proof photography.

    Sometimes, the camera appears in the coin's mirrored field. For this problem, I sometimes use a piece of black cardboard with a hole in it that fits over the lens. (It is in the photo below).

    Sometimes diffused lighting can provide a high contrast cameo image with black fields. To diffuse the light I simply place a rolled-up piece of drafting paper (tube) over the coin. I shine the lamps onto the side of the tube & aim the camera down the tube.

    These photos including the black fields were taken with the diffused light set-up

    Have fun reading the previous threads & have fun experimenting. BTW, that is a nice photo of your gold coin. :thumb:

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  4. vam78

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    Thanks! I will give it a shot.
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