Phoenician Melquat-Hercules

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by TTerrier, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Happy Father's Day! I spent my morning doing the traditional father's day activity of cleaning out the basement and taking stuff to the dump while my son slept in. He did make up for it by bringing in dinner for the family and getting me a nice card.

    On to the coin - I thought I would post something after being inspired by the great thread on the legionary denarii started by Bing.

    Phoenicia Melqart-Hercules.jpg
    Pseudo-autonomous AE, 9.83g, 25 mm
    Dated year 220 KΣ (94/95 AD)
    laureate head of Melquat-Hercules right with lion skin tied around neck
    club surmounted by monogram of Tyre all surrounded by oak leaf wreath;
    MHTPOΠOΛEωΣ around club, "of Tyre" in Phoenician to right (still working on this bit of script - I think it may be a different name for Tyre in Phoenician)

    I really like the look of this coin - I seem to be drawn to these eastern coins (just received a copy of Butcher with lots of interesting northern Syrian material) - not many well preserved AE coins from this area but lots of history around them.

    Melquat-Hercules is one of these syncretic deities that combines attributes of both Melquat and Hercules. We are pretty familiar with Hercules but Melquat is new to me and information on him is scanty - it seems he was the main god of Tyre and was considered the ancestor of the Tyrian royal family. He was also associated with the sea, trading and contracts, which makes some logical sense given the nature of the Phoenicians. I need to add this one to the research list.

    Bring on the Melquat-Hercules!
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  3. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum

    No Melquat here, but Herculies

    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: Bust of Hercules left, wearing lion's skin headdress, club over shoulder
    REVERSE: two horses left, rider on the nearer horse, dot X; TI Q and rat below, DOS.S in incuse on tablet in ex.
    Struck at Rome 112-111 BC
    3.92g, 18mm
    Cr297/1;Quinctia 6

    Or Herakles
    Coinage in the style of Alexander III
    AR Drachm
    OBVERSE: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin
    REVERSE: AΛEΞANΔΡOY, Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; crescent in left field, monogram below throne
    Kolophon, Macedonia 310-301 BC
    19mm, 4.5g
    Price 1827
    ex. JAZ Numismatics
  4. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    Here's mine:

    Tyre, Phoenica
    AE25, 12.5g; 12h; 2nd-1st Century BC
    Obv.: Head of Heracles-Melqart right
    Rev.: MHTPONΠOΛΕΩΝ; Club surmounted by monogram of Tyre, all within oak wreath
  5. randygeki

    randygeki Coin Collector

    Thats a great example!
  6. Ancient Aussie

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    Great eye appeal, very nice coin TTerrier.
  7. TIF

    TIF I am not an expert Supporter

    Wowie-- that's a very appealing coin, @TTerrier!
  8. lordmarcovan

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    What the last three said!
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