Philip II Tetradrachm from Antioch, Syria

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    I recently acquired the coin pictured below from a Heritage auction. It appears to be a variant of a type listed by Richard McAlee as Extremely Rare (1 or 2 coins known to the author), THE COINS OF ROMAN ANTIOCH, copyright 2007. Michel Prieur lists what appears to be the same coin (without photos) in his book THE SYRO-PHOENICIAN TETRADRACHMS AND THEIR FRACTIONS, from 57 BC to AD 253, copyright 2000, and cites 3 examples. My coin has a different reverse than the coin illustrated by McAlee as 1027A. McAlee acknowledges that the coin he illustrates came from the Michel Prieur collection.
    McAlee 1027a, obv. (2).jpg McAlee 1027a, rev. (2).jpg
    The coin pictured in McAlee's book was auctioned by CNG last September for $345.00, see photo below. Strangely this very same coin now has what appears to be an ink stain in front of the bust of Philip II that doesn't appear in McAlee's photo o_O. There is no doubt these are the very same coins :wideyed:. Does any CT member know who bought this coin or its whereabouts ? CNG states "Extremely rare, Prieur did not own this example when he published his book, and none in Coin Archives".

    CNG 451, Lot 333, photo.jpg
    Antioch, Syria, Philip II as Caesar, AD 244-247 (struck 247), Billon Tetradrachm: 27 mm, 10.70 gm, 12 h.
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  3. Cucumbor

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    Another great addition !
    Another coin of yours I have to be green with envy about !

    I have a very common one instead (291st example in Prieur's database) :

    Philippus II, Tetradrachm Antioch mint, AD 248
    ΑΥΤΟΚ Κ Μ ΙΟΥΛΙ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟC CΕΒ, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philippus II right
    ΔHΜΑΡX ΕΞΟΥCΙΑC ΥΠΑΤΟΔ, Eagle standing right, holding a wreath in beak. ANTIOXIA / SC at exergue
    13.92 gr
    Ref : BMC #551, Prieur # 474_291

  4. Al Kowsky

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    Q, You've got an exceptional example of a Philip II Tet :D. The celators at the Antioch Mint never fail to impress me. Not only is the portrait outstanding but the Eagle on the reverse really grabs your attention :jawdrop:. The only place the celator stumbled on this coin is in the word ANTIOXIA.

    Last year I managed to score a couple of outstanding portrait coins of Philip II too :). The one pictured below made it into McAlee's book :cool:.
    IMG_8889 (2).JPG IMG_8892 (2).JPG

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