Philip commemorates the 1000th anniversary of Rome

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    These coins are popular and attractive. I was the successful bidder on this one in yesterday's Savoca Blue Auction. I look forward to adding it to to my collection.

    It was one of a large number of coins issued for the Ludi Novae Saeculares ("Games of the New Age" or the "Millennial Games") of AD 248, which marked the 1,000th anniversary of Rome's foundation. I think it's also interesting because of the use of the officina mark on the reverse, one of the first issues to do so. I happen to like the reverse design itself, apart from its historical significance.

    Let's see your Millennial Games issues of Philip, coins you won at yesterday's Savoca auction, or anything you feel is relevant.

    Philip I VIRTVS AVGG antoninianus Savoca.jpg
    Philip I, AD 244-249.
    Roman AR Antoninianus, 23mm, 3.93 g, 7h.
    Rome mint, 5th officina, 8th emission, AD 248.
    Obv: IMP PHILIPPVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
    Rev: VIRTVS AVGG, Philip I and II on horseback galloping right; Є below.
    Refs: RIC IV 10; RSC 241a; RCV 8976; Hunter 43.
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  3. dougsmit

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    That is the best of the Greek numeral officina series IMO.
    A - soldier
    B - Tranquillitas
    B (retrograde) - Tranquillitas

    E - horsemen

    S - Nobilitas
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  4. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    I don't have any Millennial coins of Philip I :(, but here are a few of my favorite coins of Philip I from the Antioch Mint :).

    2420230-005, AK Collection.jpg This was my 1st coin of Philip I purchased over 30 years ago.

    2101304-008, AK Collection.jpg
    4885363-010, AK Collection (2).jpg
    4885363-005, AK Collection.jpg
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  5. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    Philip's coinage is fun to collect. I wonder if the Secular Games were enough to actually distract the people of Rome from how bad the financial/military situation really was?

    I've sold all of the handful of antoninianii commemorating the event, but held on to two bronzes:

    AE Sestertius, SAECVLARES AVGG, she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus Philip I sestertius saecvlares wolf.jpg

    AE As, SAECVLARES AVGG, Cippus inscribed COS III - Middle bronzes of Philip mostly seem to be this type, and also tend to be fairly well made compared to the lop-sided sestertii, so I think it is a reasonable guess that they were made to be distributed as prizes to the common folk at the games themselves. Philip the Arab AE As Saeculares issue.jpg
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  6. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter I dig ancient coins...

  7. Hamilcar Barca

    Hamilcar Barca Well-Known Member

    I think these are interesting as well. Here is mine:
    Philip I. AD 244-249. AR Antoninianus (23mm, 4.67 g, 12h). Commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Rome. Antioch mint. Struck AD 248-249. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / SAECVLVM NOVVM, hexastyle temple; in center, statue of Roma left, holding scepter. RIC IV 86b; Bland Study 48; RSC 199. Near EF.
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  8. Julius Germanicus

    Julius Germanicus Well-Known Member

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-21 um 18.22.51.png IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG - Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Philipp I right, seen from behind
    SAECVLARES AVGG, S C in exerque - Antelope walking left
    Sestertius, Rome, 6th officina, 9th emission of Philipp I AD 248
    28,5 mm / 17,85 gr / 6 h
    RIC 161a; Cohen 190; Banti 50; Hunter 108

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-21 um 18.23.11.png MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG - Draped bust of Otacilia Severa right, seen three quarters from front, wearing Stephane
    SAECVLARES AVGG, S C in exergue - Hippopotamus walking right, head raised
    Sestertius, Rome, 4th officina, 9th emission of Philip I, AD 248
    30 mm / 18,37 g / 6 h
    RIC (Philip I) 200a; Cohen 65, Banti 13, Hunter 26
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  9. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

    Here are my Philip I, Philip II, and Otacilia Severa millennial antoniniani, together with a photo of all of them together in a tray. (I'm also including my Philip I elephant coin, even though there's a question as to whether it's part of the same series, given that it doesn't bear the SAECVLARES AVGG reverse legend, has no officina number, and was supposedly issued one year earlier than the rest.)

    Philip I & family coins with animal reverses 2 (orig. version).jpg

    Philip I - elephant (RIC IV-3 58)

    Philip I Antoninianus (Elephant Obverse) jpg version.jpg

    Philip I Antoninianus (Elephant) - reverse 2.jpg

    Philip I - lion, Officina 1 (RIC IV-3 12)

    Philip I Antoninianus (Lion Reverse) jpg version.jpg

    Philip I - she-wolf with twins, Officina 2 (RIC IV-3 15)

    Philip I -Wolf jpg version 2.jpg

    Philip I - stag, Officina 5 (RIC IV-3 19)

    Philip I stag reverse Antoninien 248  Rome (23,5mm, 4,32g, 1h) AU_AU _ MA-Shops. jpg image.jpg

    Philip I - antelope, Officina 6 (RIC IV-3 21)

    Philip I - SAECVLARES AVGG -VI -Antelope - jpg version.jpg

    Otacilia Severa - hippopotamus, Officina 4 (RIC IV-3 116(b))

    Obverse image only, Otacilia Severa antoninianus hippo reverse - jpg version.jpg

    Reverse image only, Otacilia Severa antoninianus hippo reverse - jpg version.jpg

    Philip II - moose (Northern European elk), Officina 3 (RIC IV-3 224)

    Philip II elk - jpg version.jpg
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  10. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

    Plus here's my one sestertius that's part of the series, a Philip I with stag coin (RIC IV-3 160(a)).

    Philip I sestertius SAECVLARES AVGG Stag reverse jpg version.jpg
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  11. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    Donna, That's an amazing zoo you put together :jawdrop:! It looks like a project you've been working on for a while :cool:. I'm guessing the boy on the elephant is Philip II ? Your hippo looks like a nasty creature baring his teeth :eek:. I always laugh when I see a hippo on the back of Otacilia's coinage :shame:. I can't imagine any woman today feeling flattered with such an association :D.
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  12. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    J.G., Those are two good looking sestertii :D. The hippo on you coin looks friendlier than Donna's example ;).
  13. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Here are my Philip and Philip II coins. This was one of many examples of where the father signed his son's death warrant by making him and emperor or caesar.

    Philip I

    Philip I Denarius O.jpg Philip I Denarius R.jpg

    Antoninianus of Philip I, Obverse: IMP PHILIPPUS AUG, “Emperor Phillip augustus.”) Reverse: VIRTVS AVGG, (“Virtuous augustuses”) Phillip and his son riding horses side by side. Sear 8976

    Philip II

    Philip II Anti O.jpg Philip II Anti R.jpg

    Antoninianus of Philip II, Obverse: IMP M IVL PHILIPPUS AUG, “Emperor Marcus Julius Philippus augustus” Reverse: P M TR P VI COS P P, “Pontifex Maximus (Roman high priest), Tribunicia Potestate (tribune of the Roman people VI consul (date 246 AD) father of his country.”) Sear 9271
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  14. DonnaML

    DonnaML Supporter! Supporter

    Thanks, @Al Kowsky. It did take me a while to collect all of them! I agree that my hippo looks very unfriendly with all those teeth showing. More like a crocodile as they're portrayed on Roman Provincial coinage. I have never seen anyone suggest that the elephant's rider is Philip II; he's usually described simply as the elephant driver or mahout.
  15. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    ..i gotta post my Otacilia Severa pachyderm on this special ocassion...for RC & stevex6..:) sesteterius Otacilia Severus pachyderm (hippo) 002.JPG sesteterius Otacilia Severus pachyderm (hippo) 001.JPG
  16. ernstk

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  17. Broucheion

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    Hi All,

    The 1000th Anniversary of the founding of Rome was also the occasion for a resumption in minting Alexandrian drachm coins. The AE drachm had fallen out of production in the 3rd century AD. However, as Burnett noted in "The rise and fall of the Roman "Sestertius" at Alexandria" (Revue Suisse de Numismatique, Vol 88, 2009), there were only 3* significant occasions in the fifty years after the accession of Severus Alexander in AD 222 where bronze drachms were made. (* Read the footnotes in the paper for some exceptions). From the paper:


    Of course AD 247/8 - 248/9 corresponds the 1000th Anniversary year as counted by the Egyptian regnal reckoning system. That falls into Philip's years 5 & 6 in Alexandria.

    So, here are three 1000th Anniversary coins from the provinces:




    - Broucheion
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