Peru 1906 Una Libra

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by lincoln, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. lincoln

    lincoln Large Member

    I have this 1906 Una Libra someone made into a piece of jewelry. I haven't tried to remove the chain, I think it is soldered. Do you suppose it's worth more as jewelry or melted? I guess that would depend if anyone's out there wanting a 1906 gold coin necklace.

    IMG_3037.JPG IMG_3040.JPG
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  3. spirityoda

    spirityoda Coin Junky Supporter

    It is now considered damaged from being enameled and damaged from being in jewelry. However the coin is made from .917 gold, and has a mintage- 201,000 and has a weight of 7.99 g. or 0.2355 oz. Someone might like it in jewelry ??? Has the chain been tested for gold content/purity ???
  4. lincoln

    lincoln Large Member

    Haven't looked much at the chain. Will look for a mark tonight.
  5. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    It looks very pretty to me. Since the numismatic value is probably ruined from the enamel and soldering, then it makes a gorgeous necklace!
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