Featured Pertinax: What, and where it, all went wrong/ an old man that died too young

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ryro, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. svessien

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    I’m sorry... Will a coin help me out?

    Sear 6045 Pertinax.jpg
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  3. John Wright

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    Absolutely FABULOUS post -- and equally marvelous replies. I can add no brain-candy, but such eye-candy as I have give I you. The first is not my coin, just the best sest-portrait I could find of him (NAC Mar2009). The other three are mine: 22.8gm from James Beach, 24.4gm from CNG55 Pertinax      $.jpg 19----Pertinax       22'8.jpg 19----Pertinax       24'4.jpg 19----Pertinax       30'4.jpg , 30.4gm from Harlan Berk.
  4. Alwin

    Alwin Supporter! Supporter

    PERTINAX, Denar
    Rome, Jan. 193
    3.45 g - 18.5 mm
    S 6044 - C 30 - RIC 7
    IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG, Laureate head right
    MENTI LAVDANDAE, Mens std. left

    MENTI LAVDANDAE, literally "the praiseworthy spirit", is evidently opposed to the "poor in spirit" Commodus. Pertinax ostensibly differentiates himself from his predecessor and affirms with the choice of the goddess Mens that his reign will be ruled by reason. This extremely rare type, which belongs to the first Pertinax issue, has never been issued by any other emperor. Olivier Lempereur lists only six specimens in his corpus ("Recherches numismatiques sur l'empereur Pertinax"), this one (D1-R1) being from the same obverse die as that of the British Museum (BNK, R.620).
  5. Cucumbor

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    @Alwin that coin is exceptionnal. I'm never tired of seeing it (I've been privileged enough to have it in hand several times though)

  6. Alwin

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