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    Hey everybody. Haven't been very active here for a very long time or purchased many coins to add to my collection but recently I might have let the buying bug take over. Let me know which three you like, if any, and why.

    PTOLEMAIC KINGDOM. Kleopatra VII 'Thea Neotera' & Ptolemy XV 'Caesarion'.
    Bronze ae26, circa 44-30 BC. Uncertain Cypriot mint.
    Obv: diademed head of Zeus Ammon right, with ram's horn. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠTOΛEMAIOY, eagle, with closed wings, standing left on thunderbolt, palm frond over shoulder; monogram to right.

    This was a budget coin and a pure impulse buy because I didn't win the coin I really wanted. Anyway, with Cleo VII and Caesarion one can never go too wrong.

    Kleopatra VII Thea Neoter & Ptolemy XV Caesarion.jpg

    Silver shekel, dated CY 42 = 85/4 BC.
    Obv: laureate head of Melkart right. Rev: TYPOY IEPAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, palm over shoulder; to left, BM (date) above club; Phoenician letter bet between legs, Δ to right.

    Can't resist these......30 pieces of silver and all that. Rusted obverse dies but the price wasn't too bad either.

    Phoenicia Tyre CY 42 Shekel.jpg

    KINGDOM OF MACEDON. Kassander, as Regent or King.
    Silver tetradrachm, 307-297. Amphipolis.
    In the name and types of Philip II. Obv: laureate head of Zeus right. Rev: ΦIΛIΠΠOY, nude rider on horseback right, holding palm; Λ above torch below, monogram in lower right field.

    Not a bad example of Le Rider issue

    Kassander Tetradrachm.jpg

    Silver didrachm, circa 483-472 BC.
    Obv: Cock standing left, HIMERA before. Rev: crab within circle incuse.
    Not too shabby in spite of the small die-break on obverse.

    Himera Didrachm.jpg

    Silver didrachm, circa 480-470 BC.
    Obv: AKPA, sea eagle standing right. Rev: crab within shallow incuse circle; CAΣ below.

    I quite liked the look of this one in spite the die crack on the reverse, across the crab's legs

    Akragas Didrachm.jpg
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  3. 1934 Wreath Crown

    1934 Wreath Crown Well-Known Member

    Silver tetradrachm, after 461 BC.
    Obv: seated charioteer, holding reins with both hands, driving mule biga right; Nike flying right above, crowning horses with wreath; bay leaf in exergue. Rev: hare springing right, D above, MESSANION around.

    Bit worn but I liked it more for the beautiful old cabinet tone.

    Messana Tetradrachm.jpg

    Silver drachm, circa 350-338 BC.
    Obv: Land tortoise with segmented shell, seen from above; A-I across fields. Rev: Five-part incuse with skew pattern; dolphin in one segment, A-IΓI across two others.

    I really liked the strike and details. The claws and tail of the land tortoise are clearly visible and, for me, the attractive old cabinet tone adds to it's appeal.

    Aegina Drachm.jpg

    LYDIAN KINGDOM. Croesus (ca. 561-546 BC).
    AV 1/12 stater or hemihecte. NGC AU 5/5 - 4/5. Croeseid "light" standard, Sardes, ca. 550-546 BC. Confronted foreparts of lion right and bull left, both with outstretched foreleg / Incuse square punch with irregular interior surfaces.

    I have been looking for anything in gold from Croesus and this one was described as a "Perfectly centered example on a matte, honey-toned flan" so I couldn't resist.

    Croesus Obv.jpeg

    SICILY, SYRACUSE. temp. Gelon I & Deinomenid Tyranny.
    Silver tetradrachm, 485-480 BC.
    Obv: Charioteer driving walking quadriga right, holding kentron and reins; Nike flying right above and crowning horses; all on exergual ground line and with a dotted border. Rev: ΣYRAϘOΣION, head of Arethusa right, wearing taenia, pendant earring and two necklaces, with hair in straight beaded rows; four dolphins swimming clockwise around.

    Described as "Extremely Fine; a beautiful example with a portrait of Arethusa notable for its particularly fine archaic style". This may well prove to be one of my best purchases this year.

    Syracuse Gelon I Deinomenid Tyranny Tetradrachm.jpg

    I sold another very special tetradrachm (Phoenicia Sidon) to acquire this so I'm hoping it was worth the sacrifice.
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