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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Reino98, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Reino98

    Reino98 Young Numismatist (Birthday shown is wrong I'm 16)

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my 1955 double error penny. There appears to be a die crack at the top of Lincoln's skull, just above the eyebrows (highlighted by a circle.) Also, the left "5" in the date 1955 appears to be filled a little in-between the straight line and the rounded line. Please tell me what you think.

    normal photo image.jpg

    Photo with highlighted errors. image.jpg
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  3. Aidan_()

    Aidan_() Numismatic Contributor

    Can't really tell, you'll need some better pics.
  4. ken454

    ken454 Well-Known Member

    what your describing would be a die crack and a die chip, very common for 1950's wheaties...
  5. BadThad

    BadThad Calibrated for Lincolns

    Cracks and chips are common and considered part of the normal minting process, they are not really "errors".
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