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  1. sicnic

    sicnic Junior Member

    I am sure this has been discussed on here before but why do PCGS graded coins sell for more than NGC graded coins. I thought they were both highly regarded is one regarded higher than the other?
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  3. Mr. Coin Lover

    Mr. Coin Lover Supporter**

    Some people think that PGCS is more conservative in their grading than NGC. It appears to me that PGCS does often have a lower population of a coin in the higher grades. But, I also think NGC often times has graded many more of a particular than PCGS.

    Is PCGS more conservative? I'm not a good one to answer that question. I have very few slabbed coins to beigin with. I have only owned two PCGS coins. I know my personal preference is NGC. I like the appearance of their slabs better, and they are Florida based. The Florida base isn't that big a thing I guess. IGC is located only about two or three miles from my house, and I have never owned a coin slabbed by them.
  4. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    It has been discussed many times, I'm sure a quick search will turn up quite a bit.

    My brief summary is that each service is strict on certain series but not necessarily the same series. They are both fairly consistent with thier own grading standards but what sets PCGS apart is when the grades or coin get to a certain price/rarity threshold PCGS is much tighter and consistent on most series. This has earned PCGS top honors as far as buying sight unseen and hence the higher price average.
  5. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    I thought ICG moved to Colorado at the beginning of the year?

    I wanted to throw in one more note, in my series NGC seems to have a wider more overlapping standard. Not all but much of what I see in AU55/AU58 would but would be lower if graded by PCGS. Unfortunately because of this I think the population ofthe coins I collect is larger in NGC holders which means I have to pay more for less. :(

    This is not true for all series but it is at least for mine.
  6. Mark Feld

    Mark Feld Rare coin dealer

    There is a perception that PCGS almost always grades more conservatively than NGC does. And, while they often do, many times, they don't. In other words, many hobbyists assume that a given coin will grade lower at PCGS than at NGC, but on many occasions that will not be the case.

    Also, PCGS has also done a great job marketing their Set Registry program. The price of many PCGS coins is driven by those who are participating in that program and "must" have PCGS coins in order to participate.

    What I find amusing is that many individuals recommend PCGS coins only, because they sell for more money. Yet those same people ignore the fact that you often have to pay more for those coins in the first place. It's not just what you sell a coin for that counts - it's what you buy it for, as well. Even more importantly to some, is how nice the actual coin is and how much you they enjoy it.;)
  7. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    I like both companies to a certain extent, and have tons of slabs from each company, but when I'm buying high grade copper coins especially I'll pay a significant premium for PCGS slabs because I think they grade them a little tighter and their grade guarantee is superior to NGCs limited guarantee.

    Overall though, for coins that aren't super rare or top population coins, I think the PCGS coins still sell for a slight premium because you can add them to the PCGS Registry. Unlike, the NGC Registry which allows both PCGS and NGC coins, PCGS requires PCGS coins. That's a big deal to some folks I think.
  8. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    Moral of the story is it does not matter too much if it is NGC or PCGS. Just learn what you like and buy the coin and not the plastic.

    I know easier said than done. :eek:
  9. coleguy

    coleguy Coin Collector

    I don't buy many slabbed coins, but when I do, it seems I like PCGS for cents and dollars, and NGC for everything else. I don't do this on purpose, it's just the way it works out based on preference and eye appeal in what I'm looking for.
  10. Tater

    Tater Coin Collector

    less filling

    taste great

    less filling

    taste great.................................
  11. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

  12. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy Supporter

    Let me see. I could start a coin grading company and never grade anything over MS63. Therefore all my coins graded MS63 would sell for more than NGC or PCGS in the same grade. Would that make me better? I don't think so. Like has been said before, buy the coin not the slab.
  13. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    So would that be tastes great?

    I don't disagree with anything you just said as i beleive I had an almost identical post earlier in post 7.
  14. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    I like both grading companies.
    Some people like to believe that PCGS is more conservative, and grades the coins better, but I say that you need to learn how to grade coins yourself... If you can find a nicer NGC example of a coin, and have no intention of selling, and you can get it cheaper, go with NGC.
    The biggest things to look at, are how PCGS/NGC give out designations, like DPL/DMPL, PL, FH, FBL, FB, etc..
    I know PCGS is actually more generous with DMPL's and PL's than NGC is, due to their grading standards... And Lehigh has said before that PCGS is tougher on FS jeffersons. Another example is that in a lot of cases, I have heard where MS61 NGC gold comes back at AU58 from PCGS, meaning that NGC over grades gold sometimes. (Don't get me wrong, PCGS does too)
    I think a lot of it has to do with what you are going to do with the coins, and what type of coins you collect.
  15. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    I think that PCGS and NGC are about equal in overall quality , one grades somethings tighter then the other and visa versa , NGC might be stricter on certain designations such as FH , FBL , FB etc but not by much to me , it also seems like the prices of their coins are getting closer , except for coins like ultra high end Kennedy halves and Eisenhower Dollars that are being used for the PCGS registry sets which I think are way overpriced anyway . Plus what Mark said if you pay more for a certain coin to begin with it breaks out even , thus buy the coin not the slab .
  16. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    I have had AU58 NGC gold come back as PCGS AU50. I would say that NGC is not good at many gold series in general. There are exceptions like Liberty gold or Gaudens double eagles where I think NGC does a pretty good job.
  17. illini420

    illini420 1909 Collector

    I've had the same experience with AU58 NGC gold. None crossed over to PCGS as AU58:

    1909 $2.5 NGC AU58 = PCGS AU55
    1909 $5 NGC AU58 = PCGS AU50
    1909-D $5 NGC AU58 = PCGS AU55
    1909-$20 NGC AU58 = PCGS AU55
    1909/8 $20 NGC AU58 = PCGS AU55

    In looking at the coins now that I sort of know how to grade them, I think the PCGS grades are accurate. Before learning I was buying the grade on the holder and not the coin and just buying the best deal I could find... I guess they really didn't turn out to be great deals after all :)
  18. bg1856

    bg1856 Junior Member

    cant you put a minimum grade for it to cross on the form and if it doesn't they just send the NGC slab back to you
  19. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    At last years Central state show in Rosemont , I was looking for a Liberty half Eagle for my Type set , several NGC 61s I wouldn't even give an AU-50 to , maybe there is something with NGC being liberal with some types of gold .
  20. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    When I was learning to grade I went through pretty much the same process, usually a 1-2 point downgrade and after finally learning to grade I see that NGC just seems to have a different scale. They are pretty consistent but the grade range is wider and overlaps with a grade bump for eye appeal.
  21. CrustyCoins

    CrustyCoins Twilight Photographer

    Yes you can but I knew well ahead of time it would down grade and paid accordingly.

    My OCD needs everything to be in one type of holder and early on I had more PCGS than NGC so that is who I use now.
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