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  1. Can someone please explain what PCGS sample slabs are. I have noticed that many of these go for higher prices than other slabs containing the same coin. I do not see any differences. Why such a price spread? The certification # on these coins are mostly (unreal) consecutive #'s (1234567890).


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  3. micbraun

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    Sample slabs are given to customers for free, e.g. during events or shows. I received a free NGC sample slab during a show as a "thank you" when I submitted my coins there. They're cool, but I wouldn't buy one.
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  4. *coins

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    They are just collectible. It has nothing to do with the coins inside - people collect the slabs. Usually, there are not many sample slabbed coins graded, so that sometimes makes them sell for premiums.
  5. bsshog40

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    Here's one I have.

    1964 PCGS Sample.jpg
  6. ddddd

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    With sample slabs, it's (mainly) not about the coin. In fact, the vast majority hold very common coins (since they were usually given out for free or made as examples, expensive coins were not used). Just like with coins, some generations of sample slabs are very rare (some only have 1-3 known examples) and that helps drive the price up (there is a group of passionate collectors that have a demand for the limited supply of certain slabs and thus you see some high prices for the truly rare ones).
  7. dwhiz

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    I have some that I get at shows. BM Sample 1-horz.jpg
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  8. APX78

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    Thanks for your post micbraun, I wondered how people got sample slabs.
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