Parthian post of shame and where's Kairos gone?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ryro, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Sorry to hear about the cast fake but thankfully it wasn't an expensive lesson. Just to chime in regarding Kairos, I used to buy a bunch of their little Greeks when they started on eBay and were listing a few hundred coins a week. Managed to get an "uncertain ar fraction" that turned out to be made of lead just before they stopped doing auctions and went to fixed price listings. Was cheap and not worth returning but I too would like to know what happened to them, seems like they totally disappeared.
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    I reached out to biddr just to see if they had any information on Kairos and they were very helpful giving me a couple email addresses to reach the former employees of Kairos. I reached out asking if a return was possible and received this response:

    "The Kairos GmbH is not active in business anymore, there is a limit of 30 days to issue refunds as the bookeeping for 2018 is complete.
    Sorry and best regards,

    3 things:
    1-I wonder what happened to them for them to go out of business?
    B-Just one more cheap lesson for me on the art of collecting ancient art...though these cheap lessons keep adding up to be more than cheap!
    3-I love the term bookeeping! It reminds me that Halloween is around the corner and their are ghosts and ghouls out there keeping a close guard on all their boos until then:zombie:
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