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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Dr Kegg, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Sir Guardian

    Sir Guardian Member

    Very nice... but do not tell Hamilton that Jackson stole his "photo op"...
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  3. MEC2

    MEC2 Enormous Member

    Today's new pickup is this 2001 $20 star with a somewhat more interesting serial number. I normally don't collect modern notes, have no interest, but, I thought, why not...


  4. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    I had to do a double take after seeing the above post. This might be the newest note I’ve ever seen @MEC2 post. Well done sir.
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  5. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Active Member

    Thanks for the tip from Nathan401 about Denlys in Boston. He doesn't have everything, but he did have 4 nice items on my list that are coming tomorrow. All fit my needs perfectly, and he is great to deal with. I'll be following his inventory, and will jump on any goodies. Will post the new ones, if anyone is interested in Central MA Nationals...
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  6. MEC2

    MEC2 Enormous Member

    Now this is more like it, today's new pickup is much much older, this 1878 $1 US Note. Always liked the strawberry seals on this series... the tinted paper used is more visible on the reverse.


  7. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Active Member

    Nice little envelope received today, with my latest NBN treasures. Interesting SN on 3 of the bills, and 3 different banks, plus my first Type 1 note. All in all a major boost for my Worcester County collection. Sorry, last note shows the Worcester bank as the last image...

    3204 $10 Leominster a.jpg 3204 $10 Leominster b.jpg 934 $20 Southbridge a.jpg 934 $20 Southbridge b.jpg 13411 $10 Webster a.jpg 13411 $10 Webster b.jpg 7595 $5 Worcester b.jpg 7595 $5 Worcester a.jpg

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  8. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    Nice additions @Harry Brown.

    These Boston replacement notes went unreported from the BEP. This pair has even, broad margins and that “new currency” smell.

    31FC0225-7F6E-4758-8779-8F911E7D0C8B.jpeg 9635034E-3EAC-4C0C-81AA-783346304DE3.jpeg
  9. MEC2

    MEC2 Enormous Member

    Ah, some nice Mass nationals there Harry, very nice, some good scores in there...

    Today's new pickup was an impulse buy. I have a weakness for Dallas and for LGS notes, so I had to give in and get this one, a 1934 LGS $10. Don't judge...


  10. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Active Member

    I've accumulated a lot of data on the Nationals, concentrating on Worcester County. I'd like opinions on what would be the best catalog to buy.
  11. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    A physical catalog/guide, or a subscribed online source ?
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  12. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

    Binary Serial Number P265_(IG)[1].jpg
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  13. MEC2

    MEC2 Enormous Member

    Today's new pickup is ye olde North Carolina 10 shillings note from 1761. I forget if this note is backed or just has paper separation (not uncommon really) , but it's old and neat and cheap, so I got it. I have a price floor where basically I'll rescue near any colonial note... and this one made it.

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  14. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Active Member

    I picked up a copy of "National Bank Notes" 6th Edition by Don C. Kelly, published in 2008. I expect the prices to be only possibly a guide to scarcity. The book is voluminous, with a historical background on the men who pioneered the collecting of the notes, with a great deal of additional information on the printing sequences, serial numbering, Treasury Dept actions, and even counterfeits. There is also a CD of a census that terminated several years ago, but should be still of value for the number of each note of interest to buyers, as it should be a clue as to value: ie whether a note is in the hundreds or thousands, or, even unique. It is more handbook, then just a catalog. He also gives background on the various other publications, discussing what is actually covered in them. Expensive for a spiral bound book, but 510 pages of quality info plus the CD. I'm content at the moment, and, since the pages lie flat, I could scan and print the pages for MA and not always be working with a fairly heavy and awkward book.

    I assume you're familiar with the book??
  15. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    I assume you're familiar with thebook??

    Yes, a very popular book amongst National Bank Note collectors.
  16. harrync

    harrync Active Member

  17. Larry E

    Larry E Well-Known Member

  18. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

  19. Heinrich Dulay

    Heinrich Dulay New Member

    Worth keeping or sell? What is the price range for these? Thank you!
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  20. Heinrich Dulay

    Heinrich Dulay New Member

    Is this serial number considered sequential or whatever you consider it? Thanks! 94030EC6-C8E4-402E-95E9-5693C6DC764E.jpeg
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  21. Harry Brown

    Harry Brown Active Member

    I picked up a fair number of odds and ends at the last auction. I'm eagerly waiting for some treasures (in the eyes of the beholder). Only 2 of the NBN, but a Webster and a nice Fitchburg that I bought in my ballpark..

    I'll post the items that may be of interest when they arrive. Spent more then I should have, but it'll work out.. Interesting lots in next weeks Civil War auction. Yes, I'm bidding. I was the co-producer of the reprint of Laurence's "Civil War Patriotic Covers", and wrote the included value listings which inspired many new sales. That was way back in 1975.

    Thank Heavens I don't feel a need to join the NBN Census organization. I have a disc of the 2008 census that came with the Kelly book, but haven't been able to access the file within Windows 10.. It's well OOD, as the collecting of these is getting stronger daily. Looking for mainly banks in a county is almost affordable, so it will only increase, as far as I can see. My acquisitions will be available in my estate, possibly from a dealer, possibly at auction. I mention this as I'm 85 on June 12th...
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