Papal States AV Scudo d'oro del Sole ND

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    Got this from Stacks Auction last nite/ I scored 3 Italian Renaissance coins in 2 minutes/ no competition:)

    AV Scudo d'oro del Sole ND Bologna Mint
    Pope Clemente VII 1521-34
    Papal States/ Bologna

    Clemente picked a bad time to be elected Pope. The Reformation was under way, no thanks to Martin Luther/ this would lead to religious warfare/ Thirty Years war.
    Also the Church was bankrupt, Ottoman Turkish armies where winning everywhere. To complicate matters, the two Catholic super powers, France and the Holy Roman Empire made Italy their battleground. This led to German Emperor Karl V to turn his attention to Rome, which was sacked by Imperial soldiers in 1527. This event caused Clemente to flee for his life, all the while German infantry where taking pot shots at him. Karl Had him put in prison, demanded 400,000 AV Dukats for his life. After Clemente paid Karl he was released. He was succeeded by Paul III (whose AV Scudo d'oro I also won last night) 4ebbe77b7a177437a9b5b922cf291775.jpg bbfe164b1c7826ec2ab70bcdaa209f0b.jpg
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