Pagan coin of The Great Persecution

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Roman Collector, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. jb_depew

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    I was amazed by the quality of die engraving on such a small coin. Doug, it sounds like robe pattern may be an interesting variation to watch out for.
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  3. David@PCC

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    Jb's and mine came from the same seller which had an impressive selection from this mint.

    Your robe is more intricate and not as common and it is found on several workshops.
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  4. Sulla80

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    Mine also from the workshop of death! (explanation here Ε+Δ=Θ)
    persecution issue.jpg
    Maximinus II AD 310-313 Antioch
    Follis AE, "Persecution issue"
    Obv: IOVI CONS-ERVATORI; Jupiter enthroned left, holding globe in right and scepter in left hand
    Rev: VICTOR-IA AVGG; Victory advancing left, holding wreath in right hand and palm frond in left; Δ in left field, Є right field; ANT in exergue.
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