Featured Overlooked, but historically important U.S. coins.

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by johnmilton, Mar 8, 2019.

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    Very fine, submit it!
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    This is a great thread!
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    I like this article because i recently found a 1912 s penny while digging in my yard i completely decimated it trying to clean it but it was destroyed anyways practically and i didnt know better, but i have a personal attachment to it anyways because of how old it is and i like to read about other coins minted at the same place and time.

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    And even if you can't find a paying publisher for it, club newsletters etc are always looking for articles.
  6. fiddlehead

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    Haha - but sometimes..... pretty interesting. Like for example the 1840 (O) half dollar that was minted in New Orleans with a new obverse die but a reverse die from 1838 (where it would have been used on a capped bust half) The 1838 reverse had no mint mark because previously mint marks were on the obverse. New obverse dies were available after a short time. About 10% of the year's production was made without the new reverse dies. 1840 (O) 50c NGC xf40 composite2a.jpg There is some extensive research on the few die pairs that were used to make this highly unusual branch mint half dollar.
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    JohnMilton-Just adding my two cents(no pun intended). I enjoyed the article and the pics. Very interesting. Looking forward to more history. Thanks so much!
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