Ebay: Ostrogoth half-follis, Ptolemy II tet, Galba denarius, and Vandal siliqua

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    Hi everyone! Got a rare little bunch of ancients that I'm looking to sell off. Its not easy letting these go but I've got my eye on a dream coin so this will be worth it! Definitely some quality coins here; the half-follis is definitely one of the better ones I've seen for the type, and so is the siliqua. The Ptolemy II has some nice wear to it and the remaining details are pretty good, and the Galba has a nice portrait that would make this a great budget coin of him.

    Auctions start at $0.99 (99 cents), and run 7 days until the 19th, and all end between 9 and 10 PM EST. I ship to countries outside of the US as well (although make sure your country allows for the importation of ancient coins). If you'd like an upgraded shipping service please let me know before paying to adjust your total. I combine shipping for no extra cost. Any questions please message me. Thanks for looking!

    Ostrogothic half-follis:


    Ptolemy II tetradrachm:


    Galba denarius:


    Vandal siliqua:


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