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Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by lowle harrison, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. lowle harrison

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    I've pilfered through 100's of these over the years but a first grab out of a fat sack an XC {3rd from rarest being MV and MM} 25% off center. Made of pressed fiber (paper). thumbnail_IMG_20200601_160732(1)_resized.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20200601_160751(1)_resized.jpg Has been patiently waiting since WWII to be found....
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    These are neat and as you have learned can be found if you look through quantities of these. These off-centers aren't made the same way as they are in coins. The OPA tokens were first impressed on sheets of the fiber board, and then the tokens were punched from the sheet. So the off-center is actually caused by a mis-fed sheet that resulted in the punch being in the wrong place.
  4. lowle harrison

    lowle harrison Well-Known Member

    so shiny it almost refused to be photographed....old Nickels and Dimes token
    thumbnail_IMG_20200531_165624_resized.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20200531_165606_resized.jpg
  5. lowle harrison

    lowle harrison Well-Known Member


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