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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by gsimonel, Apr 18, 2021.

  1. gsimonel

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    I recently won a small lot of unattributed Carthaginian bronzes, ca. 4th - 2nd century B.C. I'd like to identify the mint and mint dates. Does anyone know on an online reference site for coins from Carthage?
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  3. Ryro

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  4. gsimonel

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    Thanks, Ryro. That and Wildwinds were my starting points.

    Many of the coins have monograms, but I can't find the monogram under the horse on this AE22 (6.8 g) listed anywhere, which I thought might be able to narrow down the mint date. Also, it doesn't show up in any Punic alphabet that I've been able to find online.
    Are there any web sites that go into this level of detail?
  5. Kavax

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    There are not many punic coins ressources online. I could give you some reference books if that helps.

    for your coin, struck in Sardinia in all probability, a standard reference would be Müller, p.96 n°198 or Forteleoni Serie II 99 or Cagliari 988-89

    The punic letter is a shin

    dating 264-241 BC by Manfredi 1995 :

    CT Punic1.JPG
    CT Punic2.JPG

    I think the only resource available online is the Muller's study "Numismatique de l'ancienne Afrique" in three volumes + a supplement. The coins of Carthage are in Volume 2. The book is old but it remained the reference for more than 100 years.
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  6. gsimonel

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    Thank you, @Kavax. This is very helpful.
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  9. Justin Lee

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  10. gsimonel

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    It took me a moment to realize that I could click on Zuegitana on the map and gain access to information about coins of Carthage. Once I figured that out, I was able to find an example of my coins with several cross references. Thanks, @Justin Lee
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  11. Justin Lee

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    You might want to click on Sardinia as well, cuz lots of Carthage coins were minted there as well.
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