On dollar bill serial number and face plate number

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Spiritawahili, Jul 8, 2019.

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    First question asked and answered. No I do not have a phone that will take a clear enough picture for you to see and so i will describe it in depth.
    At the moment, money is going out so quick and kind of slow coming in and a new phone is on the horizon but not in my pocket just yet.
    This is a simple one. On the right side of a $1 bill is the serial number and a face plate number. When you have 2 bills that are in sequence with the serial numbers... Example,
    1st bill...C 03247304 E
    2nd bill... C 03247305 E
    Are the face plate numbers also supposed to be in consecutive order.?
    Thank you
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  3. Numbers

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    No. The presses use several plates in rotation, so if you get a whole stack of sequential serial numbers, you'll see three or four different plate numbers cycling through the pile.
  4. Spiritawahili

    Spiritawahili Member

    Alright great. I appreciate it
  5. Kentucky

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    With the phone, try this. Keep the phone steady and not too close, some people recommend placing the phone on a water glass placed mouth down with the phone lens over the edge of the glass. Place the coin/bill/etc. on the table so the phone focuses on it and is motionless. Take the pic. Get PhotoScape (a free app) to help with cropping, etc. Happy clicking.
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