Old Coins In Vending Machines

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Coinlover, Jul 30, 2006.

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    Hi. I Have Found Another Way To Find Old Coins. I Was Putting Nickels In A Vending Machine The Other Day And I Saw Another Vending Machine That Had What I Really Wanted. So I Pushed The Coin Return Button On The Machine And It Gave Me A 1940 Nickel! So I Put Another Nickel Into The Machine And Pushed The Coin Return Button And It Gave Me A 1961! I Usually Do That To Every Vending Machine I Go To Now But I Have Not Had Anymore Luck. I Tried Dimes And It Gave Me Some 1960's Clad. I Have Not Ever Found A Silver Coin That Came Out Of A Vending Machine Before. I Guess It Dos'ent Accept Them Or Something. I Know You Guys Are Always Wanting New Cheap Ways Of Finding Older Coins So Here You Go. You Might Just Be Lucky Enough To Do That And Find Something Very Old. You Never Know If Somebody Before You Put In A 1940 Nickel. I Did'nt Have Anything To Lose And I Gave It A Shot. I Have Also Had Some Good Luck On The Quarter Machines At The Carwarsh And Arcade. I Occainaly Put In A 5 Dollar Bill In One Of Those Machines And See What I Can Get. You Never Know.
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  3. cladking

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    There is a separate dispenser for return coins in most modern machines so the only
    way to get your own coin back is if the machine rejects it. Most will reject silver since
    they set them to close tolerances to avoid collecting counterfeits. Most vendors have
    an attendant or a stocker who comes and removes the sealed compartment with the
    collected coin. This is replaced by a empty new one. The change columns are refilled
    from rolled coin from a bank, counting house, or that was internally generated in some
    cases. There's no reason you can't get silver out but you can't put it in.

    Many collectors will use vending machines to place coins back into circulation but now
    days that usually means only nickels. These can accumulate a little in a back and forth
    sort of circulation.
  4. Coming from a vending back ground I can tell you that even new machines will sometimes accept silver coins. Not only that but I managed to pull a state quarter with the reverse clad layer missing!:thumb: I thought it was fake at first because of the weight difference. But alas I had an awesome error for the cost of 25 cents.
    There are also other ways, albeit illegal, to get coins from some vending machines!!!:p So yes if you own some vending machines or are in good with your local vendor, it is an excellent source for coins.

    Happy hunting,

  5. vendingworld

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    Some of the vending machines accept the new coins otherwise they will reject the coin and back the coin.And New Vending machines will sometimes accept silver coins.

    Thanks for sharing the views with us....

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