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    France, Duchy of Brittany, Conan IV, 1156-1166 (d. 1171). Denier.
    Rev. "DVX" in field. +BRITANNIE.
    Obv. +CONANVS.
    Boudeau 26, Duplessy 60, Poey d'Avant 273-4 (Pl. 9, No. 119), Roberts 4194.
    Conan IV was only one of several dukes of Brittany, over the 11th and 12th centuries, to assume the duchy by maternal descent. On his paternal side, he inherited the Anglo-Norman earldom of Richmond, from one of several prominent Anglo-Breton families whose founding patriarchs had joined William I in the Norman Conquest, or settled in England over the following reigns.
    Nearer to home, Conan had a hard time, beset by continual baronial unrest within the duchy. --With the active encouragemant of Henry II of England (and the 'Angevin Empire'), who had designs on Brittany beyond his existing, nominal suzereignty. Forced to abdicate the duchy in 1166, he retained only the county of Penthievre and a handful of smaller estates, along with the earldom of Richmond.
    ...At Richmond Castle, he built most of the keep, converting it from a typical Norman stone gatehouse, as happened at Ludlow Castle, Shrops. over the same century. Along similar lines, the keep was likely heightened by Henry II, who appropriated the castle on Conan's death in 1171. The entrance in this picture might look like it's on the ground floor, but this is actually from the curtain wall --which, unusually (as in the case of Ludlow) predates the conversion of the original gate-tower into a keep.
    References (other than numismatic)
    Dunbabin, France in the Making: 843-1180.
    Painter, The Scourge of the Clergy: Peter of Dreux, Duke of Brittany.
    Weaver (/English Heritage), Richmond Castle and Easby Abbey.
    ...Post anything Breton, and /or corresponding to the 12th century ACE. ...Or whatever else is of relevance; just, tell us why!
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    Nice Post, @+VGO.DVCKS ... I really like that Denier...

    Here was what was going on elsewhere in the World...

    Islamic Ghorids of Ghazna AE Jital Muhammad Sam Mu'izz al-Din AH 567-602 - AD 1171-1206

    But the REAL REASON for the Post is that I was VERY concerned about your Thread Title...
    "Oh nnnNo, Just Bought this"

    I was VERY CONCERNED for you, Mr +VGO...


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    ...Thank you, @Alegandron, that's where it came from!!! ...Poor Mr. Bill....
    Your jital is Brilliant. I love the ones where the bull and horseman are still that easily discernible. But the level of abstraction on yours (...thank you, cf. Celtic adaptations of Greek coins, for one) is bracing. A very cool transitional phase.
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    I like the One-Eyed Happy Face on the Bull’s Butt
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    Thanks for pointing that out! :<}}}
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    Very cool coin @+VGO.DVCKS I think you got quite the winner. Was this another French ebay find? With only the rudimentary knowledge on the history of Brittany, it had always been my understanding that Brittany had a very turbulent history during the middle ages, caught as it was between France and England.

    I have no coins of Brittany, but would love to add one of Conan to my collection. I'm also going to pout a couple of the books from your post on my to-find list.
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    Thanks for that, @TheRed. It came from inumis, a division of the established French firm Comptoire des Monnaies. Here, with any luck, is the link to search page for Conan IV, from Delcampe, that I was going from. All of those examples are from the same place. https://www.delcampe.net/en_GB/collectables/search?categories[]=927&search_mode=all&excluded_terms=&is_searchable_in_descriptions=0&is_searchable_in_translations=0&term=conan+iv&payment_methods[]=delcampe_pay&payment_methods[]=paypal&payment_methods[]=check&payment_methods[]=bank_transfer&payment_methods[]=cash&payment_methods[]=creditcard&display_ongoing=ongoing&display_state=ongoing&started_days=&started_hours=&ended_hours=&display_only=&min_price=&max_price=&currency=all&seller_localisation_continent=north_america&seller_localisation_country=US&seller_localisation_choice=world&view=gallery&order=sale_start_datetime
    (Sorry for all of that --should've used TinyURL.)
    ...Given which, the same grouping was listed on Vcoins, by the same dealer, but at a significantly lower price. --Right, retail, in both cases, without so much as 'make an offer' for window dressing. ...Weird (Jerry Garcia-ese for 'counterintuitive, but interesting'), but good to know. Apparently, these people know something about marketing. ...Or think they do, which can be good enough.
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