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    A new section of Error World has opened on EW3 called the "Odditorium". It focuses upon those unusual errors & varieties that just come out to be a little more unusual that normal. We've all heard of them,coins like the 3 legged Buffalo Nickel and the "Hot Lips" Morgan Dollar.These minor oddities are still being produced today,and with the exception of the major promoted coins,usually sell for fairly low prices. With the Mint cracking down on major Mint errors and prices reaching new records in many areas,will this be the future of error collecting? Join us and follow along! We have articles,photos,and a message board dedicated to this subject which is run by Frank Lamondie,who is a well known club regular(aka Glody2) New member's always welcome! Collect Varieties? Join us in Variety Coins ~ Jim
    EW3 - Variety Coins
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