Odd quarter -- no reeding, no rims, off-center, correct diameter

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Howard Black, May 15, 2019 at 5:56 PM.

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    This turned up recently, I've never seen anything like it. (I have seen my share of "casino" quarters and halves, but this looks nothing like them.) The casino coins always have the two sides all beat to hell, this coin has the usual "circulated" look (the lighting is a bit harsh and accentuates the scratches -- looking at it in normal room lighting with the naked eye it could almost pass for an AU coin. If I can do better I'll post some other images. I REALLY need to finish putting my copy rig together, argh...)

    The coin seems to be lacking a rim, as if it didn't fare too well in the upsetting mill. There are the faintest traces of reeding in a few spots, but they're "tilted" at the side, and soft/blurry (NOT the "worn" look seen on circulated coins) -- the look like this is the way they were made, rather than starting out nice and crisp and then getting worn down. If this was an oscilloscope I'd say they look like sine waves rather than square waves.

    Also, the strike is off-center on both sides. On the obverse, the date is bleeding off the bottom. On the reverse, the same with the "STATES OF" lettering.

    1993-P no reeding [obv].jpg

    1993-P no reeding [rev].jpg

    1993-P no reeding [edge].jpg

    1993-P no reeding [no rim].jpg
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    Off centerd strike and a broadstrike cause it has no reeded edge.
    I think both. Nice Find!
  6. Rick Stachowski

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  8. Howard Black

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    Thanks for all the input, folks! I've been taking everything in, reading all the linked material, examining the coin, and scratching my head.

    Does it matter that the diameter is not enlarged? There is definite "cupping" to the top of the obv. over "LIBERTY" which I hadn't noticed before -- thought it was just "unstruck area" until I read the error-ref material and took a closer look. It's cupped on the obverse and the reverse is flat, with a bit of a bevel toward the edge instead of having a rim. Will try to do some more photos (life is a bit hectic at the moment).
  9. Howard Black

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    PS: No way of knowing, but I wonder if this is from the "Great American Coin Hunt"? My last few rolls of quarters have yielded several State/ATB known errors and a 1936 in pretty nice condition (as well as this coin), which is much better than usual for me, and this is just from my rough sort -- I still need to loupe quite a few coins when I get the time.
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