Odd anomaly on a Lincoln cent

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  1. I saw this coin on Facebook, and the owner was wondering why it looks like this. My thought about the reverse was indirect design transfer and some grease strike-through, but the obverse is very flat, also possibly because of the result of grease. The owner says he pulled it out of a OBW roll. Some other individuals are vehemently saying that this could be done with a vice job, while others think that it could happen at the mint. If it was a vice job, there are lots of things missing (incuse details/lettering from secondary coin, crushed rims, etc.).

    These are the pictures I have, so sorry that they are not the best.

    D39ED3D5-9369-432A-A048-A69F758AE7AA.jpeg 1CC01B64-EC6F-48D8-BF65-E5148B3B2426.jpeg 30CE8FD7-BD00-431B-9F7D-834268D992AB.jpeg CE7107C8-FDD2-4E72-B225-9C6F218F27D1.jpeg B6155A2F-A1CD-4BDC-ABE1-F0DFEDD09D23.jpeg 129E25FE-261B-4A5F-A9D8-68831417E7CC.jpeg

    And doing some research revealed a phenomenon called a “greasy ghost”.

    BA1F877E-EABD-4C3D-8A0F-051264550B8D.png 691E6F65-8481-4432-BDAF-15F8A4428222.jpeg 554E3420-0960-4C2D-A890-72446FE934D1.jpeg
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    Possibly a Greasy Ghost as stated.

    Also could be.. A Weak Strike which I have seen on another 1955 Cents. There were several 1955 Weak Strikes.
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  5. SilverDollar2017

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    Could be a grease filled die.
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