WTS: October 3 US Coin (including toners) "I'm probably going to lose money on this" Auction

Discussion in 'Auction Listings' started by stldanceartist, Sep 18, 2021.

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    Good morning, everyone!

    Here we go again with yet another auction in my attempt to significantly downsize my collection/hoard. This time I'm cleaning out my trays of US coins (including toners) - and, in the interest of getting things SOLD, I'm starting everything at either $1 (no reserves) or 20x face for the silver coins. Lots and lots of inexpensive items, but still quite a few nice (for the price) pieces that might be good album fillers or gifts.

    This auction will ONLY be US coins, but I have it set up that I might add the Leftovers from September 26 auction depending on how that goes.

    Currently at 170 lots, but will be adding more as early as tonight (takes a lot of prep work to get them online.) Right now just have Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, and Roosevelt Dimes (have Washington Quarters laid out, but not finished.)

    Once I get to where I feel like the auction is "complete", I'll post a lot list as I normally do.

    September 26 Auction Link (US & World Coins)

    October 3 Auction Link (US Coins only)

    Thanks, and best of luck.

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