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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by rrdenarius, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. rrdenarius

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    My wife and I have enjoyed our trip, so far. I picked up a few pieces. The first is interesting a few ways. It has a scale & a jumping sheep.
    20200117_085749.jpg 20200117_085615.jpg

    The second is an over strike. Maybe someone here can ID the two coins.
    20200117_085347.jpg 20200117_085303.jpg 20200117_085042.jpg

    Our best night out was to a jazz club.
    This club is next to: "Don't Tell Momma."

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  3. Justin Lee

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    Very cool new NY coins! The double strike looks like the left facing bust and eagle relate to a Hiketas II Litra, like:
    Syracuse, Sicily
    Hiketas II, Ruled 287-278 BC
    AE Litra, Struck circa 283-279 BC

    Obverse: ΔΙΟΣ ΕΛΛANIOY, youthful laureate head of Zeus Hellanios right.
    Reverse: ΣΥΡΑΚ-ΟΣΙΩΝ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, with wings spread, A to left.
    References: CNS II, 168; HGC 2, 1449; SNG ANS 799

    And I see the thunderbolt which makes me think Agathokles, like this but it's bust is the wrong way (but I see an upside-down BAΣ below the thunderbolt):
    Syracuse, Sicily
    Agathokles, Ruled 317-289 BC
    AE Trias, Struck circa 304-289 BC

    Obverse: ΣΩTEIPA, draped bust of Artemis Soteira (‘Artemis the Savior’) right, quiver over shoulder..
    Reverse: AΓAΘOKΛEOΣ / BAΣILEOΣ, winged thunderbolt.
    References: CNS 138; BAR Issue 20; HGC 2, 1537
    Size: 22mm, 9.5g
  4. Nicholas Molinari

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    Really great overstrike. You might consider submitting to djmacdo at Forvm—he is assembling a database with some French numismatists.
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