WTS: Not for the average silver bullion collector, well maybe.

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    My wife needs some dental attention. Therefor I offer the following: 25 one ounce 2016 Silver Britannias and the tube itself signed by Jody Clark, the designer of the new Queen's portrait. Only three exist. One ounce bullion, the year of the tiger: Australia 2010. Looks to be MS70, even under my dual microscope at 20X. 15 ounces of APMEX Silver. One 10 and and one 5 Ounce bar. One each 5 ounce Golden State bullion, 1 round (Walking Liberty) and 1- 5 ounce bar. One 5 ounce Hawaii Volcanoes Nation Park commemorative. On the reverse under "In GOD We Trust, there is a smudge from a fingerprint cause by Provident Metals from mishandling. Total price for all: $1050 and I pay the shipping. All are .999 ounces of pure silver, and are in Airtight capsules. 56 ounces total, not to mention the collector value. Otherwise I will take them to The Greater Chicago Coin and Currency Show on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June. PM me for further information or pictures. I want to sell these as a single offering and not piece meal them out.
    06/12/2016: All items have been SOLD, Thanks Tinpot.
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