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    The digital image below shows the set in hand. The query is: Which type is pictured...'Sandhill' plastic or 'soft' plastic and the reasons for the substantial price differential between them in the Krause catalogue. Thanks...

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  3. expat

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    Pictured is the soft plastic. The "Classic" set comes in a hard plastic presentation case. Value difference, I guess because of the way they are presented
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  4. scottishmoney

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    The soft plastic on the Norway sets from that era are prone to cracking etc as the plastic degrades over time. I’ve considered putting the coins in capsules to preserve them
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    SRSNUM Active Member

    Many thanks to expat and scottishmoney for their responses.

    The image below is from the 2017 Krause catalog. Note that it is an image of the Norway mint sets from 1974 to 1978.


    As can be seen, the 1974 set comes packaged in two types:
    MS23 Soft plastic type, 6 coins, 10,275 coins minted-
    $ 25.00
    MS24 Sandhill.....type, 6 coins, 29,695 coins minted-
    $ 75.00

    The set 1975 also comes packaged in two types:
    MS25 Sandhill.....type, 8 coins, 30,207 coins minted-
    $ 75.00
    MS26 Soft plastic type, 7 coins, 5,287 coins minted-
    $ 20.00

    Below, find an image of a 1975 mint set that I have in hand. Note that it contains 8 coins. From the above, it appears that that the 1975 set is of the Sandhill type.

    1975 Norway mint set

    Is there an inconsistency? The 1974 set I have appears to be of same kind of packaging as the 1975 set, i.e. the Sandhill type not the Soft plastic type.
  6. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    I find it strange that the 1975 set above, has a label written in English. Is it possible the set was put together by a dealer or a private individual? I have about 300 Norwegian coins, mainly commemoratives, and have no English labelling whatsoever
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    SRSNUM Active Member

    I should have shown both sides of the sets. See the 1975 set obverse below. Note that the obverse label in Norwegian coincides exactly with the label in English on the reverse. The 1974 set has the same bi-lingual label.


    As I am not familiar with the sets that the Norwegian mints issued, I just assumed that this was the Sandhill type as it had 8 coins, and that it was issued by the mint at Kongsberg.

    You may of course be perfectly correct and it may not be a mint product. I simply do not know. What I can attest to is the the coins are sealed between two layers. One layer is clear and smooth. The other layer is a stippled. They both appear to be composed of a flexible but not soft plastic and they are as fresh as the day they were made. Whatever it is, it is definitely not a soft PVC plastic.
  8. expat

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    SRSNUM Active Member

    The link below clears up all my confusion. The Krause listing for the Soft plastic version for the 1975 Norway mint set is incorrect. The soft plastic set does not have 7 coins but 8 coins, just as the Hard plastic or Sandhill version has. Curiously, the Colnect site is in error as well...listing the set to have 7 coins when clearly it has 8. It is missing a description of the km422- 5 Kroner celebrating 150 years of immigration
    (sailing vessel (Restaurasjonen[Restoration]) / VEIEN MOT VEST (ROAD TO THE WEST)...see below.

    Mint set of 7 coins:

    km415 5 Øre 8.0 gr. Bronze 27.0 mm Plain
    km416 10 Øre 1.25 gr. Copper-Nickel 15.0 mm Reeded
    km417 25 Øre 2.0 gr. Copper-Nickel 17.0 mm Reeded
    km418 50 Øre 4.8 gr. Copper-Nickel 22.0 mm Reeded
    km419 1 Krone 7.0 gr. Copper-Nickel 25.0 mm Reeded
    km420 5 Kroner 11.5 gr. Copper-Nickel 29.5 mm Reeded
    km421 5 Kroner Anniversary 11.5 gr. Copper-Nickel 29.5 mm Reeded

    Thanks again expat for providing the means by which I was able to solve the is much appreciated! The colnect site was very useful and I am sure to use it again in the future.
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  10. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    Glad to have been of some help
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  11. Mr.Q

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    That is a very nice set of coins, thanks for sharing them. Glad you got the answer you needed.
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