No mint 1945 and 1945 pennies

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Peter Economakis, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Hi, everyone. Maby it's the wrong place to post and i'm sorry.
    Iv'e been on a buying spree of penny roles because of this recent lockdown. I have no clue why:eek: as I have about 40,000 wheat backs locked away at a another location.. It's so addicting I guess and credit and debit cards and a screen full of penny roles don't help!!
    Back in the 70's to 80's I would guess I was a novice collector and it seemed to be so much simpler with only the Blue book and magazines.

    Long story, what is a no mint 1944 or 1945 penny? It doesn't have to do with any double die type of error?
    I'm seeing ads on Ebay for plain looking 44's and 45's for $100 to $400.
    If this link is a against forum rules please tell me and I will delete it.

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  3. thomas mozzillo

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    Welcome to Coin Talk. No mint mark means it was minted in Philadelphia. The prices you posted for the 1944-45 Lincoln cents are probably for higher grade Mint State coins. I haven't checked Ebay so I don't know the MS Grade that sells above $100. Circulated coins sell for much less.
    Edit. I just glanced at Ebay and they have a Lincoln cent graded MS 66 by NGC Buy it now for $18.90 The coins selling for $100+ are most likely graded MS 67 or higher, or else be an error coin.
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  4. l.cutler

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    The add you posted is either by someone who has no clue on the true value or is just looking for a sucker. They may have been caught up in the hype of the no S mint mark proof coins and thought any coin without a mint mark is valuable. The coin pictured in the ebay add is worth 2 cents at most. Welcome to the forum, the hobby is definitely addicting!
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  5. gronnh20

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    The eBay ad is a scam.

    I am more interested in your 40,000 wheat cents. I bet there are a bunch of 1944 and 1945 cents without mintmarks in your stash. Because, the combined mintage for those two dated coins is 2.5 BILLION. CoinStar machines or banks will take them. Trade in your Blue book for a new RedBook.
  6. Thanx everyone.
    Yup I knew the no mint marks are from Philly. There are just so so many new readings from "so called" rainbow coins to this no mint mark pennie thing.
    I had stopped my collecting or looking at them at about 1992 and maby 2 months ago I found some ""unsearched"":rolleyes: at Amazon which led me to buying rolls on ebay.
    When I was really young in the late 60's my father use to let me go through the cash register at the end of the night at his restaurant to look for wheaties and silver.
    I put away key dates and the steel pennies in other roles at the time in my wheat collection but now I really wan't to go through them again.
    My best penny as far as I can remember by searching was a 1909S. I did though buy a 1909S vdb that was in fair condition.
    I knew of the double dies and error coins but things seem to be changing.
    My last Blue book was from 1990:eek:
    I have alot to learn again from you guys!

    Yeah I believe this seller is and a few others are scams, or yes think they have something special. The 2 sellers iv'e seen have very low ebay buys and sells. They are in the 20+ ebay transactions.
    They are also selling the coins that are pictured. Also no description, just says rare no mint coin.

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  7. Sorry to double post but this rainbow or different tint thing has me scratching my head, but I realize the tint label is personal choice.
    My crappy flip phone pics. 48D, 48S, 44, 46, 50S that are in really really nice shape.
    Almost AU?? or a worn die?? but the colors are different.

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  8. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to the hobby

    word to the wise - those unsearched rolls on eBay, Amazon, etc.. are all scams. You are overpaying for common junk coins.
  9. Thanx, yup I expect to lose which sounds so stupid but its fun during these times.
    There is one typical ebayer who has a pic of a to what looks like a 50 gallon wooden whisky barrel filled to the top with ""Unsearched"" over flowing pennys that he found at old shed that hadn't been occupied since the late 30's. It also shows the plastic scoop that he will use to fill your bags of "unsearched" pennys:yawn:
  10. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Welcome to CT and if I were you I'd run the other way. Those are all scams designed to remove the excess weight from your wallet.
  11. frankjg

    frankjg Well-Known Member

    Sorry but that is so fake. I just hate seeing people get ripped off when they could spend that money on nicer coins. Your cash though.
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  12. Yup i'm quoting the Unsearched phrase as it's ridiculous.:rolleyes:
    That overflowing whiskey barrel from the 30's is hilarious and the seller mentions anywhere from Indian penny's to 58 wheatbacks are usually found.
    How is there 58's in the bundle if it's from the 30's??:eek:
    Then the rolls with the same Un searched label having a 1909 on one end and a 43 steelie on the other end and garbage in between.
    One seller though iv'e found to be pretty good and did get a few roles that were truly Uncirculated but were mostly 50's and another role some Uncirculated 40's in the mix..But like I said they were really nice coins.
    Ebay feedback score helps a little but is misleading also. It seems easy to have the negative reports erased.
    I never give or gave bad feedback even if I didn't get what thought I was buying. I just leave it and give no feedback at all. Maby I should because it just might help another buyer from getting scammed.
    Instead of roles I might change to single penny purchases?
    Thanks and everyone deserves a best answer.
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  13. Kentucky

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    Search those you have first
  14. desertgem

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    I think that seller is on ETSY also. Or thousands like them. Jim
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  15. Pickin and Grinin

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    No doubt we need to multiply that number.
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  16. I remember with even all those coins I have put away and last went through around 92 that I had missing dates on the 2 date collection wheat back books.
    That's nothing new as I know the rarity of some. Even with 15 rolls and bag of coins I recently purchased when going through them again and sorting them better I missed some ok dates and mixed up some coins.
    So i'm guessing I missed alot that I have put away in the day.

    Say a penny that was worth maby 5 cents back in the 80's, could it be worth way more or less today if a hidden stash was found that flooded the market, or the government melted a bunch?
    I'm asking about pennys and understand silver coins is a different story.
  17. I'm noticing that there's a time limit to edit the posts here. So sorry for the double post.
    Got a 35S pennie in a role and noticed the S is thicker than the date and basicly filled. Meaning you see the S outline but the rest is completely filled.
    Did they have a high stamp S or could it be from a worn out die?
    It does not look like the coin went through any drama.

    The best I can do till I get the proper camera,

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  18. desertgem

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    Remember that the coin is the opposite of the die, so once the mint mark is punched into the die for this coin, if we looked at the die in this area, there would be thin projections of the die which would push the inside of the S down leaving the rest of the S to be higher and forming the normal S shape. These thin projections wear faster than the parts of the die that are thicker and shallow. If the projections break off, a filled mint mark is the result, producing a late die state coin. They often used a die beyond its expected lifespan, so some years it is just a blob. Early die state , it should be normal. The trauma was with the die, and not the coin. IMO, Jim
  19. Way better put, yes more of a blob.
    Makes perfect sense.
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  20. Ok now i'm a bit upset, probably the wrong thread but not posting a new thread on the ebay section.
    I have bought maby 7 rolls of ""unsearched"" pennie rolls that were obvious searched but I knew it from day one. From some suppositly Dr. who sold on the side. Probably $300 into this seller.
    They were wrapped with what looked like older days thick supermarket brown paper bags and "made" to look weathered by time. Now these coins were carefully loaded with some select dates, some oldie wheatie's 1 or 2 Indians and the token brandnew shiny copper slug, not a true blanchet as it weighed 5.2g+.
    These were also so called "rolls from before we were probably born":rolleyes: but all his newest score of a hoarder and estate finds were still wrapped all the same in these brown paper bag strips..
    Always showed a nice front date and on one end and the other end but I kept buying because it wasn't all that bad and still fun. I figure he made $20 profit easily on each role. I was ok with it.
    I got the "nice notes" with my orders to be careful and stay safe and indoors, get my meds and water for 2 months supply etc. and handle the coins with gloves with the COVID crisis because he was a so called MD?
    Was ready to spend another $250 and talked about coming up with a plan as a returning customer for some type of multiple roll deal.
    In the mean time I bought 1 more roll, a 10S end and the back of a BU on the other. $60
    Bellow is the so called 10S end roll pennie. 24 50's, 13 40's, 9 39's another typical shiny slug in this roll. The BU end was a 57.
    I am venting here as to him I was lets just throw away this crappy roll to this sucker.
    I messaged him and showed him the pic and told him my buying days from him are done and no response at all for 3 days. He sure has a lot of new paperbag rolled pennies in stock now!!
    No returns on rolls that were opened LOL! I won't bother leaving negative feedback or calling EBAY as iv'e seen 2 neg reports erased on his profile already. Plus I took chances with this seller knowing a little about his setup.
    Wow to lose a customer regardless how small of one I might be over 1 roll of pennies??
    Total weasel and greed..
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  21. l.cutler

    l.cutler Member

    Yup, I think I know who this seller is, lots of complaints. You can collect any way you want, but think about what nice coins you could have gotten with the money you spent on these put together rolls! You could have gotten a few really, really nice ones.
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