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    Hello All!

    I have been reading and enjoying the top of 2019 lists that everyone has been doing. After some procrastination, I finally looked at my purchases for the year. I tried to do ten, but then I found so much that I liked and had fun doing that I just decided to post them all. All of my coins are nicer in hand, but these pictures give you an idea. I just have limited patience with photography.

    By the way, if you really hate Septimius Severus, Julia Domna and Probus, I suggest you skip this post.

    #1 Number one is for certain this denarius of Septimius Severus. Not a common coin and usually at the top of or over my price range. I felt really lucky to get this coin from a good seller at a good price.

    Septimius Severus, Denarius, CONCORDIAE MILITVM
    AR Denarius
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: 197 - 198AD
    18.48mm 2.58gr 0h
    O: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP X; Laureate head, right.
    R: CONCORDI-AE MILITVM; Concordia, standing facing, head left, holding standard in each hand.
    Rome Mint
    RIC IV Rome 108; Aorta: 674: B3, O59, R62, T35, M4.

    #2 This coin is special to me as a collector of Probus. With Philippe Gysen selling off his collection, I really wanted to add a piece of Gysen's collection to my own. Not that my collection compares to his, but maybe a little luster from his collection will rub off on mine by association.

    Probus, Antoninianus, CLEMENTIA TEMP, P, XXI
    BI Antoninianus
    Augustus: 276 - 282AD
    Issued: 276AD
    22.5 x 21.5mm 4.00gr 6h
    O: IMP CM AVR PROBVS AVG; Radiate, cuirassed bust, right.
    R: CLEMENTIA TEMP; Probus standing right on left, holding eagle-tipped scepter, receiving globe from Jupiter, standing left on right, holding scepter.
    Exergue: P, above line; XXI, below line.
    Cyzicus Mint
    Ex. Phillippe Gysen Collection
    RIC V-2 Cyzicus 905, P, var. (cuirassed, not draped)
    Aorta: B72, O25, R13, T94, M2.
    Paul Francois Jacquier Auction 46, Lot 581.

    #3 One of TWO coins that are ex @dougsmit which I consider pretty great. Also purchased through our friend JAZ which is a nice touch.

    Septimius Severus, Denarius, BONA SPES
    AR Denarius
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: 194 - 195AD
    18.0mm 3.20gr 1h
    O: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PER[T AVG COS II]; Laureate head, right.
    R: BONA SPES; Spes, advancing left, holding flower and raising skirt.
    Emesa Mint
    RIC IV-1 Emesa 364; BMC 340; Sear 6266; RSC 58.
    Aorta: 340: B3, O20, R41, T198, M2.
    Ex. Doug Smith Collection
    JAZ Numismatics/John Zielinski Auction 149, Lot 4

    #4 The second of two coins that are ex @dougsmit, this one coming via the lovely AMCC @2. A scarcer type which wasn't represented in my collection prior to the purchase.

    Provincial, Drachm, Caesarea, Cappadocia, ΜΗΤΡΟ ΚΑΙCΑΡΙΑC
    AR Drachm
    Roman Provincial: Caesarea, Cappadocia
    Julia Domna
    B. ca. 170 - D. 217AD
    Augusta: 193 - 217AD
    Issued: 197AD
    19.0mm 2.40gr 0h
    O: ΙΟΥΛΙΑ ΔΟΜΝΑ Cε; Draped bust, right.
    R: ΜΗΤΡΟ ΚΑΙCΑΡΙΑC; Aphrodite standing right, drawing robe over shoulder and holding an apple.
    Exergue: εΤ, left field; ε, right field. (RY = 5)
    Caesarea, Cappadocia Mint
    Sydenham 440; SNG von Aulock 6472.
    Ex. Doug Smith, purchased in 1996 from Andy Singer.
    Ancient and Medieval Coins Canada Auction 2, Lot 431.

    #5 This is another Julia Domna, with a rougher than I wish obverse but the color is not as off as it appears in the photo. Still, a tougher provincial town which made me happy to pick it up.

    Provincial, Phocaea, Ionia, AE30, εΠΙ CΤΡ ΜΑΥΡ εΥΤΧΟΥ
    Roman Provincial: Phocaea, Ionia
    Julia Domna
    Born: ca. 170AD - Died: 217AD
    Augusta: 193 - 217AD
    Magistrate: M. Aur. Eutuchos
    O: IOΥ ΔΟΜΝΑ CεΒACTH; Draped bust, right.
    Exergue: ΦΩΚΑΙ, below line.
    Phocaea, Ionia Mint
    With original tag.
    SNG Lewis 1437; SNG von Aulock 2145 var. (CTR M?); BMC 146 var. (ΦΩΚΑE [sic] and two lions at feet).
    About VF
    Savoca Auctions Munich/Claudia Savoca 20th Blue Auction, Lot 943

    #6 Another more scarce provincial town is Etenna. This coin came out of nowhere for a cheap price. I'll take it.

    Provincial, Etenna, Pisidia, AE24, εΤεΝΝεΩΝ
    Roman Provincial: Etenna, Pisidia
    Julia Domna
    B. ca. 170 - D. 217AD
    Augusta: 193 - 217AD
    24.0mm 6.19gr 6h
    O: IΟΥΛΙΑ ΔΟΜΝΑ CεΒACTH; Draped bust, right.
    R: εΤεΝ-ΝεΩΝ; Hera standing left, holding scepter and holding hand on hip.
    Etenna, Pisidia Mint
    von Aulock Pisidien II 545ff
    Romae Aeternae Numismatics/Edward Beck

    #7 A coin that is featured on Wildwinds from Pautalia. I get excited every time I add a new provincial town like playing the license plate game in the car with the kids and seeing something like "Wyoming".

    Provincial, Pautalia, Thrace, AE24, ΟΥΛΠΙΑC ΠΑΥΤΑΛΙΑC
    Roman Provincial: Pautalia, Thrace
    Julia Domna
    B. ca. 170 - D. 217AD
    Augusta: 193 - 217AD
    24.0mm 9.18gr 1h
    O: IΟΥΛΙΑ ΔΟΜΝΑ CεΒ; Draped bust, right.
    R: ΟΥΛΠΙΑC ΠΑΥΤΑΛΙΑC; Homonoia standing left, holding patera over lighted altar and cornucopia.
    Pautalia, Thrace Mint
    Mionnet II, 1073; Vienna 8805; Ruzicka 488; Varbanov 4889.
    Naville Numismatics/Mattia Torre Auction #51, Lot 174.

    #8 I enjoy these little bronzes of Sardes, Lydia. I like the Apollo obverse and the monograms on the reverse. This is featured on Wildwinds which makes it even better in my book.

    Sardes, Lydia, Civic Issue, AE14, ΣΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ
    Civic Issue
    Issued: 133 - 100BC
    14.5 x 13.0mm 4.70gr 8h
    O: NO LEGEND; Head of Apollo, right; beaded border.
    R: ΣΑΡΔΙ, above club; ΑΝΩΝ, below club; legend above and below club and monogram at club head, all within an oak wreath.
    Monogram: AP over B
    Sardes, Lydia Mint
    Unlisted in major references.
    Kurth AE Lydia Supplement 2A;
    Zacny Collection 10127 10128
    Featured on Wildwinds, October, 2019

    #9 I also have enjoyed picking up legend variants of Antioch. This is another I had not seen before. I believe it has been added to Wildwinds as well.

    Provincial, Antioch, Pisidia, AE21, ANTIOCH FORTVNA COLONI
    Roman Provincial: Antioch, Pisidia
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: ?
    21.5mm 4.52gr 7h
    O: SEPT SEV P-ERT AVG V; Radiate head, right.
    R: ANTIOCH FOR-TVNA COLONI; Tyche as city genius, standing left, holding branch in right hand and cornucopia on left arm.
    Antioch, Pisidia Mint
    Krzy -; SNG Munich -; Milne -; SNG Cop -; Hill -; Imhoof -; SNG Tuebingen 4359.
    Savoca London/Philipp Eckhert 4th Blue Auction, Lot 500.

    #10 I love these big temple coins. This is also the first coin of Komana for me.

    Provincial, Comana, Pontus, AE30, ΙεΡΟ ΚΑΙCΑΡ ΚΟΜΑΝε
    Roman Provincial: Comana, Pontus
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: 205 - 206AD
    30.0mm 12.65gr 0h
    O: ΑΥΚ Λ CεΠ CεΥΟΠΡΟC; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
    R: ΙεΡΟ ΚΑΙCΑΡ ΚΟΜΑΝε; Tetrastyle temple, circle in pediment, statue of Enyo on pedestal.
    Exergue: εΤ ΒΟΡ (RY = 172 Comana Era)
    Comana, Pontus Mint
    Rec Gen 14; SGI 2156.
    Naville Numismatics/Mattia Torre Auction 53, Lot 169.

    #11 @Mat turned me on to the coins of Caesarea years ago when he sold me a coin from there. Since then, I always keep my eyes out for Mt. Argaeus. This time was no different.

    Provincial, Caesarea, Cappadocia, Drachm, MHTPO KAICAPI
    AR Drachm
    Roman Provincial: Caesarea-Eusebia, Cappadocia
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: 207AD
    19.5 x 18.5mm 2.28gr 0h
    O: AY KAI Λ CεΠΤΙ CεΟΥΗΡΟC; Laureate bust right; beaded border.
    R: MHTPO KAICAPI; Mt. Argaeus, surmounted by star; beaded border.
    Exergue: εΤΙε (Regnal year = 15)
    Sydenham 400; BMC 228; Mionnet IV-; Mionnet Supp. II, -; Sydenham Sale -.
    Savoca Auctions Munich/Claudia Savoca 21st Blue, Lot 859.
    6/22/19 7/8/19
    Featured on Wildwinds, June, 2019.

    #12-15 I was able to sneak away to the ANA in Chicago this summer which was super fun. I just wish I would have had more time to be there. Even still, I spent a good portion of my time at the table of Musa Numismatic Art and found ten coins from Nikopolis that I did not have. I was able to sort through a bag of about 100 coins which just can not be beat. I also picked up some other coins over the year from Nikopolis and I couldn't decide which of these to post, hence the "top 15."

    Provincial, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior, AE18, ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙ ΠΡΟC
    Roman Provincial: Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    18.0 x 17.0mm 2.99gr 0h
    O: AY K CεΥΗΡΟC; Laureate head, right; beaded border.
    R: ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙ ΠΡΟC; Lion advancing, right.
    Exergue: [ICTPO]
    Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior Mint
    Moushmov 972; AMNG I 1404; Varbanov 2324.
    Savoca Auctions Munich/Claudia Savoca 21st Blue, Lot 620.
    6/22/19 7/8/19
    Featured on Wildwinds, June, 2019.

    Provincial, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior, AE27, ΝεΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ
    Roman Provincial: Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: 201 -203AD
    Magistrate: Aurelius Gallus
    27.0mm 11.68gr 8h
    O: AYK Λ Cε CεΥΗΡΟC Π; Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
    R: ΥΠΑ ΑΥΡ ΓΑΛΛOΥ ΝεΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ; Tyche, standing left, holding rudder in right hand and cornucopia in left hand.
    Exergue: ΠΡΟCI
    Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior Mint
    AMNG I 1310 var. (NEIKO)
    Savoca Auctions Munich/Claudia Savoca 21st Blue Auction, Lot 616.
    6/22/19 7/8/19
    Featured on Wildwinds, June, 2019.

    Provincial, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior, AE18, ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC ICT
    Roman Provincial: Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    Issued: ?
    18.5 x 17.5mm 1.91gr 1h
    O: AY KA CεΥΗΡΟC; Laureate head, right.
    R: ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC ICT; Laurel wreath, star in center.
    Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior Mint
    Varbanov 2485
    Savoca Auctions Munich/Claudia Savoca 21st Blue Auction, Lot 613
    6/22/19 7/8/19
    Featured on Wildwinds, June, 2019.


    Provincial, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior, AE15, ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC ΙCΤΡΟΝ
    Roman Provincial: Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior
    Septimius Severus
    Augustus: 193 - 211AD
    15.0mm 2.80gr 8h
    O: AΥ ΚΑΙ Cε CεΥΗΡΟC; Laureate head, right.
    R: ΝΙΚΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΠΡΟC [ΙCΤΡΟΝ]; Vase with two handles.
    Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior Mint
    Varbanov 2495; Tachella 58 in RN 1903; Obverse legend variety of Brunsmid 52 in AMNG Additions (NZ 35).
    tiberius/Barry & Darling/Kevin Barry

    Thanks for your patience. If you are interested in Septimius Severus, Julia Domna or Probus, check out these links to my collection. Feel free to add to this thread anything of fun or pm me if you want to talk Severans or Probus.


    Julia Domna:

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  3. Sallent

    Sallent Live long and prosper

    How can one possibly hate S. Severus and J. Domna when they were responsible for bestowing this sweet angelic prince upon the Roman people?

    Caracalla Denarius 201AD As Sol Rector Orbis.jpg

    Doesn't he look like an angel, folks? Just ask the people of Alexandria how benevolent he was when he found out there was a play making fun of him being hosted in the city. He was so sweet he rewarded over 10,000 people with a free instant trip to the afterlife. Wasn't that thoughtful of him?

  4. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

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  5. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    Nice collection of Severan coinage plus the Probus. The Domna coin referenced by @dougsmit has a young and beautiful portrait. I always wonder what they looked like in real life. Certainly close enough to true characteristics, but perhaps enhanced beauty and strength much like magazines shoots today.
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  6. Sallent

    Sallent Live long and prosper

    They all looked perfectly normal...

    Except Geta whose face was a real mess. Poor kid. :p:rolleyes:
  7. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    @dougsmit I am not 100% sure. I bought it from a reputable seller but once I had it in hand I was concerned about the misspellings in the legend mostly. I labeled it a fouree as a matter of precaution. Hearing you say it is genuine gives me third thoughts now. Do you think the bumbling of the legend is in line for coins from Emesa? The monet on the reverse also appears to have an extra letter after the m. I wasn’t comfortable calling it real because I don’t know enough.
  8. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    You certainly did well in 2019, congratulations! Beautifull coins, exceptional historical writeups. Thanks for sharing:)
  9. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    To Sallents point, son (Caracalla) turned out exactly as Dad. Historians rate Septimus Severus as one of Rome 10 most evil Emperors. Gotta wonder why Julia married him.....
  10. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Supporter! Supporter

    Very nice selection, I like your focus on Septimius Severus, especially your number one and ten Pontus (a favourite type of mine) all up it looks like you had a great year of collecting. Congrats.
  11. David Atherton

    David Atherton Flavian Fanatic Supporter

    It's always a bit dodgy to judge leaders of the past using modern moral standards. How would Titus 'the delight and darling of the human race' fair if we did so? I fear the destroyer of Jerusalem would not do so well.
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  12. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Great coins, Nic. I really like #1 & #4. Still, need a Domna Drachm.
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  13. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio Supporter

    Interesting collection. I like the volcano and star coin.
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  14. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Really interesting provincials here! I like the Phocaea bronze with the two turreted goddesses, each holding a patera and tympanum. I also like those small lion coins of Nicopolis ad Istrum. Here's one of Caracalla in my collection.

    Caracalla, AD 198-217.
    Roman provincial Æ assarion, 1.92 g, 15.4 mm, 2 h.
    Moesia Inferior, Nicopolis ad Istrum.
    Obv: MAP AV K ANTΩNIN, bare head, right.
    Rev: NIKOΠOΛITΩ / ΠPOC IC, lion advancing right.
    Refs: Varbanov 3007; Moushmov 1111; AMNG 1599.
  15. gogili1977

    gogili1977 Well-Known Member

    Very interesting coins.
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  16. Severus Alexander

    Severus Alexander Blame my mother. Supporter

    How did I miss this one?!? Great bunch of coins... I particularly like the Nikopolis lion & urn as well as the ex Gysen Probus. I'm no Probus expert so I could be totally wrong, but the armour (scale armour?) looks unusual to me. Very similar to the armour normally shown on late Antioch Gordian III ants.

    I hope you followed up with Doug via pm on the Domna. If it looks normal to him, it's normal. :) (It adds less than nothing for me to say it looks normal to me too.)
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  17. Al Kowsky

    Al Kowsky Supporter! Supporter

    nicholasz219, Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus would be proud of your coins :D.

    IMG_7264 (2).JPG
  18. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    I can accept this coin as normal for a mint not known for being too normal. Fourree is a very specific term for a plated coin with a base metal core and precious skin. It does not mean just any variation of strange. What you see as an extra letter after the M is the balance scales held by Moneta. This one shows it more clearly but is a bit less common with IVLA on the obverse and two dots on the reverse. There are hundreds of flyspeck level variations from 'Emesa' which Martin and I occasionally give in to boring those of you who don't obsess on Severans. He prefers what was once termed "Laodicea" while I find it the least appealing of the Eastern mints but now fear that the mint ID picture is much more complicated than we thought. Those scholars who think they can pontificate and call everything 'Antioch' just don't understand the question. I prefer to explain away things by fantasizing a mobile mint travelling with the emperor rather than a fixed unit in some city but my fantasies are nothing more than that. Those who need neatly packaged answers should collect something else.
  19. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    @dougsmit and @Severus Alexander and @Al Kowsky Thank you for the compliments and input. I don’t have the knowledge or experience with the Eastern Mints (wherever they may be) that Doug has, so the knowledge that Doug brings to the discussion is really helpful. I just wasn’t sure about the denarius because I felt like it was too blundered if that is a thing. But after reading Doug’s responses, I’ll happily move the coin to the okay column. The whole world of the late second century fascinated me and the provincials paint a more elaborate picture of the Roman Empire for me...

    and they are just fun.
  20. rrdenarius

    rrdenarius non omnibus dormio Supporter

    My feelings too. One of the great things about ancient coin is how seldom we can find an "exact" match.
    Knucklebone shell aes grave, but not the same.
    AE Conch Astragalo rev tintin 4.8.17.jpg AE Conch Astragalo tintin 4.8.17.jpg DSCN2273.JPG DSCN2272.JPG P8171269.JPG P8171266.JPG
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  21. Curtisimo

    Curtisimo the Great(ish)

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