WTS: Nice Parthian Drachm + Bargain Roman Silvers

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    I am offering a number of Roman silvers at low prices. Although some might be a little worse for wear, I think they all have the potential to be interesting or even beautiful. As always, authenticity is unconditionally guaranteed. Shipping is free within the USA, and low everywhere else. Feel free to ask any questions or negotiate!

    $SOLD Parthian Drachm, Mithradates II
    : Bearded bust facing left, wearing tiara decorated with star
    Reverse: Archer seated right on throne, holding bow
    4.04g, struck c. 121 – 90 BC

    $40 Roman Republic Denarius, Anonymous
    : Bust of Roma right
    Reverse: Diana in biga drawn by two stags; holding torch, quiver on shoulder
    2.87g, struck at Rome c. 143 BC

    $35 Roman Imperial Denarius, Domitian
    : Bust of Domitian to right
    Reverse: Minerva standing right, brandishing javelin and holding shield
    2.77g, struck at Rome c. AD 88-89

    SOLD Holed Roman Imperial Denarius, Marcus Aurelius
    : M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG; Laureate bust of Marcus Aurelius to right
    Reverse: TR P XXXIII IMP X COS III P P. Salus, draped, seated left on low seat, holding two corn-ears; at her feet, snake coiled round altar
    RIC III 403, 2.94g (holed), struck at Rome AD 179

    $10 Roman Imperial Antoninianus, Octacillia Severa (Unusual flan, very thin)
    : Bust of Octacillia to right, wearing stephane
    Reverse: Juno standing left, holding scepter and patera
    2.45g, struck c. AD 246 – 247
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