Nice 1964 ddo in my pocket change

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Lisa Coates, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Lisa Coates

    Lisa Coates New Member

    Liberty has doubling

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  3. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball Cannot Re-Member

    I don't see any doubling.

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  4. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    +1 @Lisa Coates if you’re planning to start getting into looking at lots of US coins, you’ll need a 10x loupe. This will also help take photos because you can put the loupe right in front of your camera on your phone for decent close up shots.
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  5. paddyman98

    paddyman98 No Common Cents! Supporter

    Looks like a normal strike to me.
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  6. Lisa Coates

    Lisa Coates New Member

    Oh wow, I have one, but didn’t know I could take a pic with it through the phone lens.
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  7. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    Yep. Just lay it flat against the camera like you would your eye and then bring the two down to the coin until it focuses. Make sure you have a good light nearby (two would be even better), because the phone will block a lot of light. It’s how I take all of my close ups, no zooming in needed, because that lowers resolution.
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