NH Coin and Currency Expo March 29 2024

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by afox, Apr 23, 2024.

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    I'm late posting this. I went to this coin show in NH on Friday, March 29. Excellent show with friendly dealers. There were more dealers than I have seen at this show in many years. Every dealer I spoke to said they were having a very good show so far. I took more time (than I usually do) to just have casual conversations with dealers. I went later in the afternoon and the crowds they apparently had earlier in the day weren't there. I am starting to look at selling a lot of what I have collected over the years - and everything I brought, I sold. I came away with a graded, 1931 S 1C - which I traded for. Maybe I will post it as a GTG.
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    That's a pretty big floor. And a lot of people who look younger than Stonehenge.
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    Don't tempt Doug . . . I'm told he doesn't go to shows anymore, and it's a very long drive, but he might do it just to tip the scales.
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