WTS: NGC Star Toned War Nickel; Kazakhstan; Austria Agriculture Medal PCGS SP 64; Swiss Toner NGC

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    Hi all,
    A few items are posted below. Shipping is free unless otherwise stated). Payment via paypal (usually G&S, unless otherwise stated....for paypal F&F, it will be at least 3% less). Checks/money orders can be used but it would have to clear before I ship.


    *Note: videos available for toned coins...please send a message for link to video

    (1) 1944-S Jefferson Silver War Nickel NGC MS 66 Star QA Check Sticker Toned .... $130

    (2) Austria Silver Agricultural Award Medal PCGS SP 64 .... $359
    18199562-31C1-4E6F-A378-4CAA2E1BA5DB.jpeg 32CB577E-39CB-45AC-A6C4-63E46D90EDE1.jpeg E56B4110-0672-4B65-85AA-AF9B6172AD83.jpeg
    (3) Be as cool as ddddd and pick up the following coin from Kazakhstan. :D
    It is from the series “Coins of old design” with the design of a 13th century coin made in Almaty. This coin is not only silver but also includes a hint of gold (0.16 g). Box & COA included.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    (4) This 1808 5 Batzen from the Swiss Canton of Bern is currently part of my box of 20 but you can pry it free. The bear, pleasing color, and proof-like surfaces are sure to delight.

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