Next Caper: Lincoln Cents, and plenty of 'em!

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by Cincimatti, Sep 22, 2023.

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    Okay, time's up.

    First, I am on an ongoing mission, a "Coin Trek", if you will to continuously groom my beautiful Dansco:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Where I already have a couple of "free" coins from buying lots, cherry-picking them and then releasing the rest back into the wild. Much safer and warmer than hunting black bears, or ice fishing.

    (And, relax! It's a copy!)

    Prizes include a 1913 XF, a 1915-D AU, and a 1938 & 38-S BU. Plus myriad various dates in the 20s and 30s in XF/AU, including a stunning 26-D tossed in with a lot of cruddy IHCs for some reason.

    You see, when my grandma passed, I got a ton of coin folders she got from her mother. I think there were something like 12 of them. Lincoln cents, and 1 Mercury Dime collection. OH! And a Canadian small cent collection! To my surprise, the 1929 was a "high nine" variety! I got somewhere around $80.00 for it. Someone bought the rest for, like, $5.00. Not my fix, not my kicks!

    Then, about a year ago, I discover at our local coin shop a series of unwanted original Dansco albums on a shelf in the corner. Neglected, forgotten. No way there's still a Lincoln Cent album left? Waaaay! They bought my allotment of 2021 Morgans at a profit, so the 54-dollar price tag was offset by that sale. I spend the next 6 weeks emptying all of grandma's (GREAT grandma's) folders and holding meticulous contests to vie for a position in the Dansco. Then I ranked the rest into folder #1, #2, and so on. I think I had at least 6 pairs of folders 1909-1965-D, which I've sold all but two sets of the best of the best - yet.

    (One thing I've learned! If you want to make money, DON'T sell your coins as complete sets! If you want to play Santa Claus, then yes, bundle all of the keys together and hand them over for a fraction of their value to someone who maaaaaay pay attention to them. Nobody has time to inspect and appraise an entire album on the auction block. Where wheaties are concerned, pick out the goodies first; sell them individually. Then you can package the ho-hum dates together in a folder and ask for 25, or 50 cents a coin with some degree of success. I have a beeeeyutiful 1939 Lincoln cent AU with cartwheel luster. So what?!! If you offered me a dollar for it, I'd feel like a scoundrel. But, surely I testify to the choir like a child who stumbled upon the meaning of the universe just yesterday!) At the very least, a heavily abused folder can always be cut into smaller rectangles and used to make sturdy mailers! ha-HA! Waste nothing!

    Back to the topic at hand:

    First thing: Does the seller take returns? Yes, proceed to step two.

    I always shake my head in disbelief over how lightly people take capturing decent images of what they're selling. I see 3 folders. Is the 4th one empty. Is there a roll of 09-s VDBs inside? Or even 90 of 'em?

    If you right click on a picture, you get the option to "Open Image in New Tab". Then you can zoom in up to 500%. So, let's do that:


    Oh frabjous day! Can't get enough of shiny memorial cents! I'll pick through and see if there are upgrades for my Dansco. Most of these years (and before) were nabbed from circulation as my grandma came upon them, so it's doubtful. Although, growing up in Michigan, you almost NEVER found an "s" mint mark in circulation in the 1970s. We got our new coins from Denver mostly. Might be a nice 68-S, or something similar.

    Maybe there's a 1960 small date lurking among them. The wheaties on the left? Yawn! Nothing to see here. Keep moving.

    To the meat, and my motivation for this folly: The bottom half of the seller's image.


    Okay, I gotta check what this guy sells otherwise. If it's listing after listing of coins, he knows what he's doing, and then it's sure to be a ruse. Hmmm.... nope, not really. More of a pawn shopper.

    Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Of course you are!

    Both slots for the 09-S appear to be filled, as does the 1914-D on the upper one!
    (Aaaah, but with what? I will absolutely unleash the dogs, if the slots are filled with 1957-D pennies!) So, not believing for a moment that the seller is unaware of said dates, I will be content if the 09, 09VDB, 10-S, 11-D, 11-S, other early mint marks, and the two 22-D coins are in order. I'm confident that I will be able to recover my investment, if that is the case. If there are keys, I will definitely sent a fat check back to the seller, because that's who I am.

    Will let you know what happens this afternoon!
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    I was once as you are. :) I scored a few big wins from eBay, a few big losses, some attempts to sell fakes, and a bunch of more-or-less-what-I-paid-for. I eventually found my time drawn to other things; it's probably been a year or more since I bought anything from eBay.

    But I'll be watching with great interest to see what you receive!
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