NEWS - LEU NUMISMATIK AG. Zurich in 2017

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    LEU NUMISMATIK AG. in 2017

    18th. June 2017 will witness Leu Numismatik’s first internet auction.

    Yves Gunzenreiner having finished university in Zurich where he got his degree in History and Psychology, joined Nomos AG and a successful 2 years followed where he brought new ideas as the Director and Manager.

    Yves has been mentored by the inimitable Dr. Alan S. Walker, a protégé of Dr. Leo Mildenberg and Silvia Hurter with whom he worked for 28 years at Leu. Dr. Mildenberg who passed away in 2001 was a loss as it is considered that he was one of the most important numismatists in modern history.

    Yves is the story of a young man that started in Numismatics 20 years ago, in 1997. It was as a young boy of 8 years of age. From this early age his father, a professor, took Yves to coin fairs and from this together with a few hundred Swiss Francs created an impressive collection.

    Yves will now continue his future in numismatics under what became the most famous name in post war Europe, LEU NUMISMATIK AG, bringing new marketing techniques as all new generations do to the world including today‘s world without borders called the internet.

    The name Leu became synonymous with the finest collections and auctions since the second world war.

    Leu will also provide services including auctions, private treaty sales and valuations, together with the important area of the development and care of collections. The main area of expertise is ancient and classical coins, and they will work in conjunction with other European and World dealers.

    Leu was formally known as Leu Numismatics and founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1949 as a subsidiary of Bank Leu. Some 67 years later, Yves took a walk along Bahnhofstrasse and today sees a wonderful opportunity to maintain Switzerland as the center of Numismatics in Europe, albeit through different glasses, as the internet has created a marketplace completely different to that seen in 1949.


    Yves was the gentleman with the photographic memory who scanned hundreds of catalogues and linked the HADRIAN BRITANNICUS that was on loan to the British Musum without a provenance before 1979 to the 1906 Sarti sale in Rome with this specific coin coming from the Bolsena hoard in the early 1890’s. This Sestertius came from LEU Numismatik in 1980. This was one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century dating an important provenance to such an important coin of the Roman Empire.
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