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    These two historical medals are in transit. The former is somewhat conditionally scarce, the latter very scarce. Icarus falling from the sky on the second metal is quite the design.

    1685 Austria. By Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer (Obv.) and Georg Hautsch (Rev.). House of Habsburg. Leopold I (1657-1705) "The Hogmouth", The Siege of Vienna and Victories over the Turks as part of the war with the Ottoman Empire. AR Medal. 40mm, 26.42gr. Lettered edge. Obv: infant genii hold medallic bust of Leopold over Vienna cityscape. Rev. Medallic vignettes of ten cities and conquered fortifications each in an oval cartouche - Gran, Solnock, Sarravas, Verovitiza, Ungwar, Neuhäusel, Caschau, Tockay, Novigrad and Eperies.. Julius 258; Mont 975; Horsky-2103. Dogan 6163. Popelka 26. Nuri Pere 11550. Lustrous. PCGS SP-62.



    1683 Hungary. Transylvania, Principality. Imre Thököly (1690-1691). AR Medal. 45.5mm, 27.46gr. By Johann Engelhart of Breslau. Dated 1683 (in Roman numerals). EMERIC · TOC · KOL · HUNGAROR · REBELL · CAPUT ·, Obv: Armored and draped bust right. Rev: (rosette) RETROCA DIT AUDAX (The reckless one falls back), Icarus falling from the sky; a second winged figure to the left; above, radiant sun; below, tower on island in the sea; MDC LXXXIII in exergue. Resch 81.; Coll. Horsky. Of great rarity. PCGS SP-62.

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