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    1896 Hungary. Franz Joseph I. (1848-1916) Millennium George's Thaler. Kremnitz Mint. 45 mm . 26.78 g. . Frühwald: 2206, Herinek 1107. Adamo KE11, Moravec 215. Mz .: 348, Gohl: N.K.1904.S.65, Tower: 897, Millenium coinage for the millennium celebration of the conquest of Hungary, applying Christian Hermann Roth designs depicting St. George slaying the dragon. Obv: Av: S: GEORGIVS • EQVITVM • PATRONVS • dragonfighting St. George's horse right, bottom of the year 1896. Rev: Rv: IN TEMPESTATE • SECVRITAS * in a sailboat storm, sleeping Jesus and the twelve apostles. Scarce with mintage of 100 pieces. Nicely toned.

    In 1896, the Hungarians commemorated the thousandth anniversary of the arrival of hungarian tribes to the Carpathian (Pannonian) basin. To this millenium belongs (besides monumental celebrations of the Hungarian nation) a group of some exceptional and very heterogeneous commemoration medals. These strikes immitate some notable historical strikes (e.g. Denar of St. Stephen, Andrew II., Groschen or Goldgulden of Charles Robert or Thaler of St. George or Ferdinand I., occurring as a golden 9 Ducat struck as well).

    This is the second piece of the series I own, below purchased from Atlas at the NYC January show.

    1896-KB. HUNGARY. Taler. X-13; Herinek-1106. Resembling the Emperor Ferdinand I (1526-1564) design. Millennium coinage for the celebration of the 1000 years for the conquest of Hungary. Obv: Half-length bust right holding orb and scepter. Rev: Madonna and child above shield. Original strike. 100 pieces minted. Superbly toned matte gem, an extremely rare type and one of the finest surviving examples. NGC MS-65.

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    Wonderful coins Zohar.
  4. Milesofwho

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    What do those medals look like?
  5. DEA

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    Beautiful. Simply beauuuutiful! Thank you for sharing.
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    Would you mind sharing how much you paid for George's Thaler?
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    Wow! I am not worthy.
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