New Trebizond Follis?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by arnoldoe, Jan 26, 2020.

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    AE follis (6.9g 28mm). Struck under the reign of Alexius I Comnenus.

    Obverse: Bust of Christ , bearded and nimbate, holding Gospels in right hand.
    Reverse:. Latin cross on steps with A-Λ-B-P in angles (Alexius Basileus Romaion)
    with an Arab countermark on the Top right of reverse side.
    Overstruck on a follis of Michael IV, Sear 1825

    This coin type along with 13 others were attributed to Trebizond under Theodore Gabras by Simon Bendall in the 1977 Numismatic Chronicle .. however some recent articles suggest that they are more likely to have been minted in the early or pre Crusades era somewhere northern Syria. possibly Antioch or Edessa?. "Trebizond or Northern Syria?..
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    Interesting article !!! Here is my few coins . The second overstruck on Alexius SBCV 1900 . Third one most likely on Constantine X Ducas SBCV 1956

    in my understanding SBCV 1900 was the last follis minted before Alexius monetary reform in 1092 . Few years before first crusade .

    2E9B34E1-70EC-4424-9616-33A39F35585C.jpeg 58F1CEC7-800B-40B0-BFFC-0B564E8F01D0.jpeg 53A0743B-C940-4EFA-88BE-66B337D77A9B.jpeg CF6F32D5-A063-4DDA-B8C4-9A3A3784DE73.jpeg 0913DF74-BC0D-4C76-98CF-5E7231E96376.jpeg 9CD60BBA-0F61-4B06-842D-FDDFF8FE6EBD.jpeg
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