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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Insider, Sep 16, 2020 at 3:15 PM.

  1. Insider

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    By popular (?) demand, this will be my :troll: new quiz format because I want to make lots of friends here::facepalm:

    What do we call this characteristic found on many coins that is raised and squiggly at some degree of magnification? It occurs when a die breaks and takes the form of a raised crack on a coin?


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  3. CoinBreaux

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  4. Insider

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    Correct! We called these "die cracks" when I started but modern error collectors prefer "die break" because the "break" that caused the crack happened to the die and not the coin. I think I wrote that correctly.
  5. Kentucky

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    Dang, and here I thought it was a hair embedded in the coin... :)
  6. alurid

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    This type of lines seen on a coin are not die cracks, but the lines caused by a cracked die. They are called Die Cracks which can be a bit confusing to some folk that are not well versed in Numismatic language.
    This type of error is caused by a defect in the die, a very common error as it is usually caused by the die starting to wear out from use.
    A cracked die will leave a raised line on surface of a coin. Sometime hair lines that are not noticeable without a loupe. I think they are fun to find.
    They are sometime use to identify VAM's in the Morgan Dollar series.
    They do not increase the value of a coin in most cases.

    Struck with cracked die. 1943 Lincoln cent.
    43 steel (42).jpg 43 steel (43).jpg
    43 steel (27).jpg 43 steel (28).jpg
  7. Kentucky

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    ...and they often occur in the same places on coins, for example at the corners of the Lincoln Memorial in the cent coin.
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  8. Mainebill

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    Love cracks. And cuds. A common one is the round the stars on 1818 Randall hoard cents.
  9. Goldsayshi463

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    Wait so the die that’s gets stamped onto the coin and the die cracks under a lot of pressure so that get stamped onto the coin?
  10. Insider

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    No. Remember that anything (like the coin's design) sunken into (incuse) the die will produce a raised area on the struck coin, So, when the die breaks it leaves a squiggly hole in the die that planchet metal will fill in the same way that it does to the design and letters.
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