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    Good morning!

    I have some REALLY cool new purchases (as in, just bought them today) to offer up for sale here. I'm also working on counting up a pretty cool world silver group, so if you have any interest in a decently sized pile, let me know via PM.

    All items below have required photos with username and date. Additional images are available on my website (PM me for a link.)

    All prices include shipping costs to USA.

    Payment via PayPal or USPS Money Order (coins ship with tracking as soon as payment is received.)

    **North American Big Game Super Slam

    North American Big Game Super Slam Set - Folder 1 Coins.JPG

    North American Big Game Super Slam Set - Folder 2 Coins.JPG

    North American Big Game Super Slam Set - Folder 3a Coins.JPG

    Produced by the North American Hunting Club

    All coins are 1 oz .999 Fine Silver (marked) Proof Strikes

    Each folder (the size of a VHS tape case) contains a “baseball card” with information on one big game animal and contains 9 different coins. I have every card except Desert Sheep, and there is an additional checklist card that will go with Folder 1 in its place.

    Folder 1:Polar Bear, Desert Sheep, Cougar, Stone’s Sheep, Roosevelt Elk, Alaska Brown Bear, Sitka Black Tailed Deer, Quebec Labrador Caribou, Canadian Moose
    Folder 2:Whitetail Deer, Bighorn Sheep, American Elk, Black Bear, Alaska Yukon Moose, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Barren Ground Caribou, Mountain Goat
    Folder 3:Grizzly Bear, Columbia Black Tailed Deer, Dall’s Sheep, Muskox, Shiras Moose Bison, Coue’s Whitetail Deer, Mountain Caribou, Woodland Caribou

    Price:$225 per folder, $650 for all 3 Folders (27 coins)

    **Austria - 1964 and 1976 Silver BU / Proof Olympic Set (15 coins)

    Austria 1976 Set.JPG

    Set produced by International Olympic Coin Center for the Austrian Mint

    Contains 7 BU 1976 100 Schilling coins and 7 Proof 1976 100 Schilling coins, plus one extra BU 1964 50 Schilling. Includes original display case and COA/paperwork.

    Price:$175 for the whole set

    **Greece - 1981 & 1982 Silver BU Olympic Set (9 coins)

    Greece - 1981 Set.JPG

    Contains 3 sets of 100, 250, and 500 Drachmai coins (one 1981 and two 1982)

    Includes original display case and 3 COA

    Price:$150 for the set

    **Nigeria - 1959 Proof Set (two sets available Set 1 Set 2)

    Nigeria - 1959 Proof Set 1.JPG

    Nigeria - 1959 Proof Set 2.JPG

    Includes original red display case and tissue wrap/envelopes (red display case is the original set, not the blue case restrikes.)

    Mintage of only 1,031 sets. Not a lot of these around!

    Price:$125 for Set #1 (with envelopes), $115 for Set #2 (with tissue paper)
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