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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by altaycoins, Jan 14, 2020.

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    I am building a new setup for my coin photography. I have a stand with a metal rod (12mm in diameter). I am looking for a camera mount that can fit to the rod but failed in finding one so far. There are vast amount of bike mounts but they are pretty big for my stand. Do you know any mount that I can use?

    P.S. I couldn't find a better category to post so I posted in my safest category of ancient coins. Please relocate the topic if necessary.
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  4. My hands are so shaky from wound up nerves that some good shots can be difficult to get. My microscope is usb connected so I can snap photos as I'm observing for errors, but otherwise I just use my phone and photo programs on the computer that enable me to lighten, crop, brighten, and contrast as needed. Where are you storing your photos? I'm using a scandisk usb drive for now.

    I look forward to seeing your work. Congratulations on your collections and all the best at your endeavors!
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    You might go to a hardware store and pick up a small conduit clamp.
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  7. altaycoins

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    I have wrote up a small blog post in my website about my current setup and also you can find my coins there too. I store on my computer, and on a external hard drive as well as on my server.

    I am building a setup for to carry with me as I travel.
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  8. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
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