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    I participated in yesterday's Baldwins of St James Auction 43. I was interested in what they were calling "The Pavilion Collection". It was a collection of British Medals, most seemed to be related to George IV, but there was other stuff too.

    The better stuff was getting really strong bids. The one item I felt that I had to have sold for over double estimate. I had to tap out at a price that was already out of my comfort zone.

    The good thing is since I didn't get what I wanted and it was a lot that was early in the sale I was able to pick up a few other goodies.

    This was only the 2nd Baldwin's sale that I participated in. I was quite happy with there platform for bidding.

    The below photos and lot descriptions are from the seller.

    #1 he Pavilion Collection, Commemorative Medals, George, Prince Regent, the bombardment of Algiers, copper medal, 1816, by Thomas Wyon Jr. and [reverse], Thomas Wyon Sr., for Rundell, Bridge and Rundell, laureate bust of the Prince l., wearing uniform and medals, rev. panoramic view of the action with ships firing and the city beyond, ALGIERS BOMBARDED ... CHRISTIAN SLAVERY EXTINGUISHED, 50.5mm. (BHM.923; Eimer 1083; MH.575), a little scuffed, pleasant very fine and scarce
    *ex Spink Auction, 26 September 2006, lot 413
    In 1816 a squadron under Admiral Sir Edward Pellew was sent to Algiers where they arrived on 27 August, in company with a small Dutch squadron. They sought the release of the British Consul, who had been detained, and over 1000 Christian slaves, many being seamen taken by the Algerines. When they received no reply the fleet bombarded Algiers. Pellew was subsequently created Viscount Exmouth.


    This was my favorite piece (at least of those I didn't win). I have a feeling it's going to have a better look in hand.

    #2 The Pavilion Collection, Commemorative Medals, George IV, white metal portrait medals (?), visit to Hanover 1821, by ? J. G. Hancock, as previous lot, laureate bust l., rev. HEIL DEM SEINE TREUEN HANOVERANER BESUCHENDEN KONIG 1821 (BHM.1115, R3, Suppl. P. 246, for listing in WM); The Norfolk and Norwich Music Festival, 1824, head l., rev. explanatory legend in 16 lines, 45.5mm.; as Regent, England gives Peace to the World, by G. Mills and Étienne Jacques Dubois, for Mudie’s National Medals, 41mm. (BHM.776); and Frederick, Duke of York, Queen Charlotte presents colours to the Royal Military Academy, by T. Webb and N. G. A. Brenet, also for Mudie’s National Medals, 41mm. (BHM.769), first pierced, fine, others all very fine, the second pierced with ring, first and second rare (4)
    £2,411-4s-2d was raised for the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.


    The above lot was an impulse purchase. They had to lower the minimum to get a bid so I ended up buying it below the pre-sale minimum. For what I paid I can't really loose anything.

    #3 The Pavilion Collection, Commemorative Medals, George IV, Plymouth Dockyard renamed Devonport, a pair of medals, copper and white metal, 1824, by Thomas Halliday for R. Ellis and J. Ramsay, Neptune stands in sea chariot (with a central medallic bust of the King), pointing towards the dockyard and ships behind him, Fame with trumpet flies above, rev. dedication legend in 12 lines, 54.5mm. (BHM.1244; Eimer 1175), both extremely fine and rare; and a composite medal, of two joined clichés (or perhaps electrotypes), obv. Thomas Webb’s laureate bust, as on Accession and Coronation medals (BHM.1013, 1092, etc.), rev. Halliday’s obverse of the Devonport medal, united at rim, 54mm., very fine (3)
    first bt. Ardingly Antique Fair, March 2011; second bt. June 2002


    The above just wowed me. Somehow I missed these during the pre-viewing period. There was a silver version that sold just before these and I guess that was the one everyone wanted. I am quite happy with this purchase.

    #4 The Pavilion Collection, Commemorative Medals, George, Prince of Wales, appointed Regent, copper medallet, 1789, bust l., rev. the Prince of Wales plumes, 29mm. (BHM.321; D&H. Middx. 968); Ireland, Dublin, token penny, 1818, laureate bust l., LUKE XX: CHAP. XXV. VER., rev. harp, 34mm. (W.1845; D.48); As King, visit to Scotland, bronze medallet, 1822 (BHM.1195), very fine (3)
    Luke 20:25 ‘And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.’

    Ireland Scotland.jpg

    The above was another impulse purchase that I was able to acquire for below the published opening bid. Neat pieces that I purchased for less than the postage is going to cost.
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