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    Items for sale

    -7-11 Convenience store Silver Round
    -Past issues of Numismatic news (If you're from coin talk and buy that just let me know when you hit the button and I'll stuff a bunch more in the box too!)
    -U.S. 3 cent coin bracelet (broken) and bonus coin too
    -1869 holed shield nickel
    -1911 D Barber dime
    -An 1863 store token
    -A WW1 token made from captured German cannons
    -1938 Mexican 10 Centavos
    -Blank lincoln cent planchet
    -1890 H Canadian 5 cent
    -1914 British 6 pence
    -1945 D 10 centavos Filipinas coin
    -2 - 1966 Australian 50 cent pieces (silver)
    -Lot of 7 V nickels
    -1969 Philadelphia Mint medal (nice)
    -Bank of Rockville Centre N.Y. token
    -1970 Australian 50 cent piece
    -Engraved prayer token
    -Ben Franklin memorial institute token or medal
    -1980 British Hong Kong $1 coin
    -1862 British Half Penny
    -The Morris Plan lucky piece token

    Thanks for checking everything out and even more of a thank you to the people from Coin Talk who purchase!

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