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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by bkozak33, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    Dear bkozak34:

    As always, eBay is committed to bringing you amazing deals on gold and silver. However, to do so, we can no longer offer eBay Bucks for purchases from the
    Bullion category within Coins & Paper Money. This change will take effect October 1, 2011. To learn more about earning and redeeming eBay Bucks, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. And remember that you can always tell whether an item qualifies for eBay Bucks by looking for the earn amount below the price on the item description page.

    To review the updated eBay Bucks Terms & Conditions, please visit

    We appreciate your eBay Bucks membership and hope you'll continue to enjoy the benefits provided by the eBay Bullion Center, including great savings and fast, free shipping from
    Featured Sellers—and eBay Buyer Protection for your purchases.


    The eBay Bucks team
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  3. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    So, I wonder if this means that they'll be lowering the fees for selling in those categories? *snrk*
  4. ThinnPikkins

    ThinnPikkins Well-Known Member

    that sucks......i racked up 53.95 so far this quarter off of silver purchases, and my next ebay bucks shows up the convienient
  5. Pilkenton

    Pilkenton almost uncirculated

    I read this today also.
  6. rev1774

    rev1774 Well-Known Member

    Saw this one myself... figures they would do something like that...
  7. Irish2Ice

    Irish2Ice Member

    What possible reason or explanation could E-bay have for doing this other than greed? I hope ALL the bullion sellers out there list in a different category. Title the item as ex. "Silver bullion bar minted in the Eisenhower era" and put in under Eisenhower Dollars.
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