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  1. Here's the last acquisition from the FSR auction, a follis of Constantine which is uncommonly well-struck with a deep and lustrous dark patina. I didn't have a Constantine with the reverse including MAX yet in the legend, indicating the "Great."

    Whether Constantine was really "great" or not is a subject for historical debate. To capture this one appropriately I had to use the "flash" function on my google pixel phone.

    Constantine I (306-337 A.D.), AE follis 20mm 3.1 grams, 322 A.D.

    Obverse: CONSTANTINVS AVG, Laurel wreathed bare bust right

    Reverse: DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, Wreath inscribed with VOT XX, letters P-AR in exergue, with star

    Mint: Arles

    Reference: RIC VII 252



    Please share your Arles coins or any other Constantines.
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  3. Orielensis

    Orielensis Well-Known Member

    That's a phenomenal example!

    Below are two of my VOTA coins of Constantine with a MAX legend. Both are much worse than yours.

    Rom – Konstantin der Große, AE3, Vota XX (neues Foto).png
    Constantine I, Roman Empire, AE 3, 321 AD, Aquileia mint. Obv: CONSTANTINVS AVG, head of Constantine I, laureate, r. Rev: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG; VOT/XX within a laurel wreath; in exergue, .AQP. 19mm, 2.68g. Ref: RIC VII Aquileia 85.

    Rom – Konstantin der Große, AE3, VOT XXX, aufblickendes Porträt.png
    Constantine I, Roman Empire, AE3, 327–329 AD, Heraclea mint. Obv: CONSTANTINVS AVG; head of Constantine, diademed, r., looking upward. Rev: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG; “VOT/XXX” within a laurel wreath. 19mm, 3.20g. Ref: RIC VII Heraclea 92.

    I bought these some years ago when I was beginning to collect and naively thought that "uncleaned" lots might yield great coins. After finding more barely identifiable fallen horsemen and standing soldiers than I have counted, I figured out that I had paid for a numismatic education, not a collection. Most of the coins from that time had to go, but I kept a couple of better ones, including the two above, as a reminder of those days.
  4. Gavin Richardson

    Gavin Richardson Well-Known Member

    Nice details. Here's a Sol from Arles. Worn/weak obverse but lovely reverse.

  5. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Well-Known Member

    Wonderful coin...
    Here is mine with MAX AVG .. from Siscia:


    Obv: CONSTANTINVS AVG, laureate head right.
    Rev: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, VOT XX within wreath
    Mintmark: Epsilon SIS sunburst
  6. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    Four from Arles:
    rv4690bb2198.jpg rv4700bb1083.jpg rv4710b02352lg.JPG rv4720bb1430.jpg
  7. Xodus

    Xodus Well-Known Member

    I love how Constantine always has his eyes bulged like he's seen a ghost LOL. Very cool coins guys! I don't have any pics of mine to share, but I got a few like that. Not in that great of shape though.
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  8. Well, it could be the ghost of his wife!
  9. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Very nice Folles, @ancient coin hunter !

    Nary an Arles, but here are my C1's:

    RI Constantine I CE 306-337 Æ Follis 19mm 3.2g Siscia CE 326-7 AVG Laureate R - PROVIDENTIAE AVGG Camp gate 2 turrets no door star RIC 200
    EX: one of @John Anthony 's COOL Auctions!

    RI Constantine I AVG Follis Votive XX seated captives 2.69g 18mm RIC VII 191 London.JPG
    RI Constantine I AVG Follis Votive XX seated captives 2.69g 18mm RIC VII 191 London

    RI Constantine I Folles 306-337 CE Captives VOTA Banner.jpg
    RI Constantine I Folles 306-337 CE Captives VOTA Banner

    Time of Constantine I and Sons
    Æ Follis, 2.6g, 20x16mm, 6h; Lugdunum mint, AD 330-1.
    Obv.: VRBS ROMA; helmeted and mantled bust of Roma left.
    Rev.: She-wolf standing left, suckling the twins Romulus and Remus; two stars above // dotSLG.
    Reference: RIC VII 247, p. 138, r3.
    From the Doug Smith Collection #2426; EX: @John Anthony auction AGAIN! Yeah, cool.

    These coins were issued by Constantine I to commemorate the founding of Constantinople as the new capital of the Roman Empire in AD 330. This particular example exhibits the unique, graceful style of the Alexandrian mint.
    Time of Constantine I
    AE17, 2.4g, 6h, Alexandria mint, AD 337-340
    Obv.: CONSTAN-TINOPOLIS: Helmeted and mantled bust of Constantinopolis left, holding scepter.
    Rev.: Victory standing facing, head left, holding scepter and round shield, foot on prow to left // SMALB.
    Reference: RIC VIII Alexandria 17, p. 539.
    EX: @John Anthony , Master-Auctioneer of Ancients (just like himself...)
  10. David@PCC

    David@PCC Well-Known Member

    Constantine I
    Arles mint
    337 to 340 AD
    AE 4
    Obvs: DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG, Constantine veiled right.
    Revs: AETERNA PIETAS, Emperor holding globe and spear. X to right, PCONST
    a4x15mm, 1.41g
    RIC VII 17, Vagi 3150
  11. Pishpash

    Pishpash Supporter! Supporter


    Constantine I
    Coin: Bronze AE Follis silvered
    CONSTANTINVS AVG - Laureate head right
    DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG - around VOT XX * in wreath
    Mint: Herculea (324 AD)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 2.56g / 16mm / -
    • Heraclea RIC VII 60

    Whilst this might not look much, I am very fond of this coin. It came in an uncleaned lot, completely flat, no detail, and it spent months in a tub of DW.

    Eventually, this emerged and included some silvering.
  12. I also have my share of late "uncleaned" constantines of all grades. Good job cleaning yours @Pishpash. Sometimes they just turn out to be culls.
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  13. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Here's a similar one in my collection.

    Constantine I, AD 307-337
    Roman Æ Centenionalis; 2.59 g, 18.4 mm
    Aquileia, AD 321
    Rev: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, laurel wreath around VOT XX; ·AQ · below.
    Refs: RIC vii, p. 404, no. 85; RCV 16216; Cohen 123.
    Note: the officina mark, which should follow the AQ of the Aquileia mintmark, is absent, likely due to a filled die.
  14. Carl Wilmont

    Carl Wilmont Supporter! Supporter

    My camp gate example has a dark brown glossy patina:

    Constantine I, the Great 307-337 A.D. Follis Nicomedia Mint​


    AE Follis 2.80g. 19mm. 324-325 A.D. Nicomedia MintPearl-diademed head r.,CONSTAN-TINVS AVGCamp gate surmounted by two turrets, no doors; star above; in ex.: SMN(delta)PROVIDEN-TIAE AVGG
    RIC VII 90 var. (diadem)
    Fourth officina listed in RIC as rarity 'R1'.

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  15. Gavin Richardson

    Gavin Richardson Well-Known Member

    I heard she was hot.

    sorry. I will let myself out now...
  16. oldfinecollector

    oldfinecollector Well-Known Member

    Hi to all a silly question what is FSR auction and do you have a link to their auctions?
  17. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    Frank Robinson Auctions:
  18. oldfinecollector

    oldfinecollector Well-Known Member

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  19. Andrew McMenamin

    Andrew McMenamin Active Member

    Very nice coin ACH! Here's one of mine:

    Constantine I; Æ Follis; Arles; Æ17, 2.66; RIC VII ARLES 233; Struck 321AD
    OBV: Laureate bust r.; CONSTA-NTINVS AVG
    REV: VOT XX in wreath; D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG. P crescent A in ex.
  20. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    One of my nicest Constantine I: Constantine I 24.jpg
    OBVERSE: CONSTANTINVS P F AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right
    REVERSE: SOL INVICTO COMITI, Sol, radiate, standing left, raising right hand, globe in left, chlamys across shoulder
    Struck at Trier 313-15 AD
    3.78 g, 18-19 mm
    RIC VII Trier 42
  21. Justin Lee

    Justin Lee I learn by doing Supporter

    Many nice "Great" coins everyone! And nice new pick up, ACH!!

    Here is my only one:

    Constantine I, Ruled 306-337 AD
    AE2, Struck 322-325 AD, Ticinum Mint

    Obverse: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG, head of Constantine I, laureate, right.
    Reverse: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG, VOT/X•X/Crescent within a laurel wreath.
    Exergue: PT
    References: RIC VII 167
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