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    Good afternoon!

    May is a special month for me - my grandmother, who started me on coin collecting, was born this month wayyyyy back in 1927 (she just celebrated her 94th birthday this week) and so I thought, as a special "commemorative" in her honor, I'd offer a special prize for my monthly drawing:

    1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar

    1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half.jpg

    Every order placed through my website, no matter what size or value, will be eligible for a drawing at the end of the month to receive this coin free of charge. (A gallery of past prizes is posted on my main page, if you'd like to see what I've been giving away to customers since the year started.)

    I've added a few new coins to the site this week, including (but not limited to) BAGS AND BAGS of mint-cello-sealed US coins (cents through dollars). If you're looking to fill out a ton of albums, or if you need something to put in a bin at a flea market, these bags are just what you're looking for. Dates will range from 1968-1990; most will be 1970's and back.

    Here's what I currently have in terms of denomination/quantity/cost:

    Lincoln Memorial Cents
    Qty: 868 pieces Price: $200

    Jefferson Nickels
    Qty: 438 pieces Price: $100

    Roosevelt Dimes
    Qty: 615 pieces Price: $175

    Washington Quarters
    Qty: 670 pieces Price: $500 (will split in half for $275/ea)

    Kennedy Half Dollars
    Qty: 600 pieces Price: $750 (will split in thirds for $275/ea)

    I will sell the entire group for $1,600 shipped.

    There are lots of other coins on my site - if you see something you like and would like to make a reasonable offer, I'm always happy to consider them.

    Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!
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