New coin treasures evidence of Caesar's war in Holland

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Limes, Mar 15, 2019.

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    So today, the day of Caesar's death, i read this interesting article on a news site in the Netherlands. Because its in Dutch, here's a short english translation from me:

    According to the article new coin findings and the following research is evidence of Caesar really was in Holland to wage war. In the south of the Netherlands people have found several coin treasures burried in the ground. The coins date to the time Caesar writes that he was in the area now called the Netherlands (de Belle Gallico). According to archeologists people only would burry their coins in the ground in times of war, of crisis. Although even this finding is no smoking gun, 'Caesar expert' Jona Lendering ( states that it would be very accidentally if people in that time would put their coins in the ground for other reasons than the war of Caesar.

    The finds also put another light on the situation. According to an other historian, Caesar was on a brutal rampage on his way to Holland (or, literally he says acting like a beast, which is a dutch saying some one is acting very brutal). Lots of people put their money in the ground never to be able to dig them up again... Which makes me wonder: the coins we collect used to belong to people. What happened to their lives. Was their's a sad ending perhaps?

    The whole article is here, including a picture of the coins:
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    That's cool and thanks for the link.
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    neat article ....
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    Interessant artikel. Dank je wel :)
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  6. ancient coin hunter

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    Thanks for sharing the article. One of the great things about ancients is that we never know whose hands they have been in. Soldiers, merchants, everyday folks? Each one if it could talk would tell an amazing story.
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