new 20 euro-coin from Belgium

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by bart, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. bart

    bart Senior Member

    Belgium issued a 20 euro medal-coin, only in proof. It has been issue for the 100th anniversary of Hergé (Georges Remi), the man who designed Tintin (or Kuifje, as we call him in Dutch). Issue price is 49 euro. Mintage is 50,000.
    In 2004, the Belgian Royal Mint has already issued a 10 euro-coin featuring Tintin. This coin was sold out in a few weeks, as many collectors of Tintin-memorabilia wanted to own such a coin. I am curious if this 20 euro coin will match that succes.

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  3. Aidan Work

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  4. bart

    bart Senior Member

    That's the one, Aidan !
    Thanks for the link to the article. It explains it all!

    About the celebration of the centenary of Herge's birth, here's an article on BBC-news:
  5. kiwi01

    kiwi01 Senior Member

    Very cool Bart and very topical here in NZ. Peter Jackson has just announced that he and Steven Speilberg are going to be making a series of Tintin movies!
  6. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector

    Yes, I bought the Tintin/Kuifje €10 coin back in 2004. And no, I won't buy this one - almost €50 for a piece with a face value of 20 euro is a bit too much for me.

    For those who are into Hergé and Tintin pieces, the Monnaie de Paris also issues coins honoring Hergé this year: one silver piece, two gold coins. Sold way above face of course. Nah, thanks.

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